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steel deck floor slabs" (1975). international specialty conference . basic mix design, type of concrete (light-weight or normal)f and aggregate type and . allowable uniform superimposed live load (ll) in pounds per square foot is. (5). another approach . Free Sample

steel deck can be installed for as little as $5 per square foot. in smaller applications, however, installation of bulky concrete decks is less efficient, and costs typically exceed $10 per square foot. in contrast, wood-frame floors in small structures run about $2.50 to $4.50. Free Sample

square feet of vulcraft 3 composite deck. developer: duke . the deck is accurately roll formed in varying configurations on the most modern high-speed roll forming equipment available. steel roof and floor decks have long been recognized for . load carrying capacity per pound of steel utilized, and its nestable . Free Sample

weight = weight of beam, column, misc. steel member per linear foot. 2,000 = conversion factor of pounds to tons. floor and roof decking area* = length x width. length = length dimension of building. width = width dimension of building. *if not a square or rectangular shape, typically is measured by electronic . Free Sample

steel decking, structural steel decking, and structural concrete. where appropriate, they . the resulting strength will, therefore, range from 720 to 1440 pounds per square foot of uplift resistance. this same bond causes composite action to occur in . Free Sample

per square foot [psf]. ceiling. acoustical fiber board (1). 1. suspended steel channel . 20 gage metal deck (1). 2.5. 18 gage metal deck (1). 3. 0.05 thick polyvinyl chloride . 8. skylight: metal frame w/ 3/8 wire glass (1). 8. floor. 1" reinforced regular weight concrete. 12.5. Free Sample

square foot facility in south plainfield, . joist girders and offers value-added engineering, drafting support and customized solutions and service. united steel deck . inc. was integrated with canam's existing u.s . steel and two fm approved deck fasteners per rib for fm ratings greater than 1-90. Free Sample

square shall not exceed 1/8 inch per foot of panel width (10 mm per m). 2.3. finish: a. galvanizing shall conform to astm a653 / a653m. b. a shop coat of primer paint (one or both sides) shall be applied to steel sheet if specified by the designer. c. the finish on the steel deck shall be compatible for the . Free Sample

weight chart for sheet steel, galvanized steel, stainless steel and aluminum. september 1st, 2004. this article provides a quick reference to gauges of material, pounds per square foot, and gauge decimal equivalents. Free Sample

weight capacity. steel decking icbo's download pdf. steel-decking__footer. metal roofing button;rebar remesh link;diamond blades. about us. contact us. metal mart 85 south 1350 east lehi, ut 84043. local (801) 768-3332. toll-free 1-800-947-0249. fax (801) 768-3349. email [email protected] Free Sample

steel weight per square foot floor deck. meets sdi 2x12 inch standard profile requirements. reduced composite slab depth compared to. 3wxh-36 and nh-32. composite deck. 2 inch nominal depth, 36 inch coverage. 9 foot to 13 foot optimal span range. pan perforated acustadek® option (available with. Free Sample

weight of the steel deck). 4 longitudinal and traverse reinforcement bars having a yield strength of at least 60 ksi or welded wire fabric shall be provided. area of this reinforcement must be equal to 0.00075 times the area of concrete above the steel deck but not less than 0.028 square inch per foot of . Free Sample

weight (psf)ip(in4) in(in4) sp(in3) sn(in3). thickness ptd. galv. 22 .0295. 1.58 1.61. 0.134 0.154. 0.134. 0.145. 20 .0358. 1.98 2.04. 0.172 0.187. 0.165. 0.176. 18 .0474. 2.60 2.70. 0.245 0.248. 0.226. 0.232. 16 .0598. 3.10 3.20. 0.314 0.314. 0.290. 0.292. gage. span. max sdi. uniform total load in pounds per square foot . Free Sample

weight per square foot. 3/16 inches, 7.66. 1/4, 10.21. 5/16, 12.75. 3/8, 15.32. * 7/16, 17.85. 1/2, 20.42. * 9/16, 22.95. 5/8, 25.53. 3/4, 30.63. 7/8, 35.74. 1, 40.84. 1-1/8, 45.95. * 1-3/16, 48.45. 1-1/4, 51.05. * 1-3/8, 56.1. 1-1/2, 61.26. * 1-5/8, 66.3. 1-3/4, 71.47. 2, 81.68. 2-1/4, 91.89. 2-1/2, 102.0. Free Sample

per square foot loading does not consider concrete weight. see figure 16 for recommended loading of the deck as a concrete form. roof deck is not generally required to carry as much foot traffic as floor deck, but at least thirty pounds per square foot should be made available by roof deck. if the roof . Free Sample

deck gages recommended are for normal weight concrete and are based on sdi criteria for unshored spans. clear span (ft.- in.) 2 1/2. 3. uniform load (psf) . steel design. specifications, 1996. edition. 2. loads and maximum construction spans are based on the sdi. design manual for. composite decks . form decks . Free Sample