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plastic and wood furniture with fungi-based materials. ross is a part of a small but growing movement, determined to introduce fungi as an alternative to various building materials. he is the . Free Sample

plastics, fibre glass and moulded plywood, enabling . "my philosophy is to design and make bespoke carbon fibre furniture, wood furniture and accessories that follow a more naturalistic, sculptural form, but still . Free Sample

green dot specializes in formulating wood-plastic composites pellets so that it is ready to achieve its client's needs. the company . a furniture manufacturer might recreate the classic craftsmanship of wood furniture, but do so in a sustainable fashion . they selected a wood-plastic composite alternative. Free Sample

wood and rubber for alternative composite products . the recovered wood category is wastes from households (furniture, doors, windows, floors, etc). this material is . and with recycled plastic lumbers, any of the woodrub product has lower impact than the other materials; and. Free Sample

alternative to timber, able to take the natural wear and tear suffered by gates. view product range. plastic wood fences. fencing. our fencing is durable, weatherproof, won't rot and is available in many different styles. view product range. recycled plastic furniture. furniture. Free Sample

while veneer and plastic furniture seems irreplaceably stylish (note: the sarcasm), there are some viable and better options for furniture. sure, it might take a few more minutes of thought, maybe even a little more money, but isn't it worth it? yes, it is. here are some suggestions to help: buy real, solid wood . Free Sample

alternative to wooden outdoor furniture.our recycled plastic outdoor furniture or recycled polystyrene outdoor furniture! with the increased demand globally to save trees and reduce landfill, we offer a range of recycled outdoor . Free Sample

furniture production compared to alternative products made from metals and plastics. recommendations and conclusions. the purpose of this report was to review the current literature regarding the environmental benefits of using wood for the production of . Free Sample