insulating floor of a covered deck

deck. if only part of a concrete slab is insulated, careful detailing may be needed to avoid steps in the floor level. insulation located below the floor should be covered, usually with plasterboard or other fire resistant boards. suspended timber upper floors. in timber joist floors, the insulation is usually. Free Sample

in many cases, these floors are casually insulated with fiberglass batts and covered with osb or plywood. if the batts aren't thick enough to fill the joist bays, they may fall away from the subfloor and rest on the osb below. at that point, the floor assembly has an r-value of 0. this type of floor usually leaks a . Free Sample

q: a client has a sunroom with an uninsulated concrete slab that is 5 inches below the house floor. what is the best way to insulate and raise the floor to match the hardwood floor in the main house? a: steven baczek, a residential architect from reading, mass., who specializes in designing durable. Free Sample

our house we just bought has a room that was built on an existing deck. it has insulation in ceiling and walls. the floor is just the old deck with stained plywood on top. no insulation. it is basically a deck converted to sun porch converted to 3 season room. no hvac to this room. the outside clear. Free Sample

when you convert a porch into a sunroom, you'll get the most usage from the new room if you've taken steps to insulate properly, and a good place to start is the floor. if it is above grade, winter drafts will make the room too cold to use, no matter how well the walls and ceiling are insulated. the job of . Free Sample

insulate the join of the roof rafters and floor joists, but with non-breathable felt leave a gap behind the wedge (image 1). lay the first board across the joists (image 2). butt the edge of the board up against the rafters. be sure not to close the gap behind the wedge of insulation. to hold the deck in . Free Sample

insulate (4a) any portion of the floor in a room that is cantilevered beyond the exterior wall below; (4b) slab floors built directly on the ground; (4c) as an alternative to floor insulation, foundation . cathedral ceilings must provide space between the roof deck and home's ceiling for adequate insulation and ventilation. Free Sample

floor, concrete walls, etc.) is divided into three sections: 1) section 1 is under our covered porch 2) section 2 is under our covered porch 3) section 3 is under the rest of our house. i am wondering whether it is a good idea to insulate the ceilings in either section 1 or 2. Free Sample

deck. our contractor originally said he'd add some lattice work between the bottom of the house and the ground but later said there was not enough space to work it in. i looked under there today to see if i could come up with an idea for closing the gap to . Free Sample

insulating under a floor . my sister lives in a house with a similar problem--poorly-insulated laundry room in a deck-turned-extra-room. i got 3/4" styrofoam insulation sheets ($5 each at menard's), cut them to the size of the window, and covered each with a cheap walmart fleece blanket ($2.88 ea). Free Sample

i have 12 by 16 covered deck,i would like to close in,i need to know the best way to insulate the floor.i am installing under floor electric idea was to nail 2by2 strips along the bottom of each joist,and drop in plywood to cover the bottom of each section as the deck is too low to reach under. Free Sample

i'm looking to insulate below the floor of my sunroom which is sitting on a deck. i'm in pennsylvania and get very cold winters and hot summers. do i need a vapor barrier for my region? also, will that type of insulation invite rodents etc into the material? the underside of my sunroom floor is open to the air . Free Sample