teak hardwood floors

3 apr 2015 , brazilian hardwood flooring is made out of many types of woods including teak wood. the planks of flooring, like other hardwood flooring, can be either finis, Free Sample

cumaru, also known as brazilian teak, is an exotic wood species from south america that makes excellent wood flooring. our cumaru dark is noted for its richly dark brown coloring. a reddish hue runs throughout, giving a warm glow to this exotic wood. additionally, our cumaru dark offers a fairly uniform coloring overall, Free Sample

teak wood flooring has a wide range in cost depending on the quality and source of wood. the cost of the wood itself is estimated at the following costs for 2014, with variations depending on quality, region, and vendor. Free Sample

about teak hardwood floors. teak hardwood floors is a locally-owned and opered company serving reno and surrounding areas since 1990. we attribute our longevity and success in large part to the fact that customer satisfaction is our top priority. we pride ourselves on offering a level of customer service that, Free Sample

known for its interlocking grain patterns and varied colors, the floor settles into a warm and relaxing tone that creates a unique look in every application. the extreme hardness makes it ideal for both residential and commercial applications. boardwalk hardwood floors carries samples of brazilian teak wood flooing in our, Free Sample

as a general rule there are two different ways to install hardwood floors: in a floating format where the pieces are fitted together and sit on top of the plywood subfloor without fasteners; or they are nailed down to the plywood subfloor. teak is one of the harder natural woods used in hardwood floor installations with natural, Free Sample

harder than most hardwoods -- brazilian teak -- also known as cumaru or brazilian chestnut, adds natural beauty to your home inside or out. mostly found in the northern regions of south america, brazilian teak has become the go-to flooring and decking wood of choice as more people become aware of its characteristics,, Free Sample