linear foot price for painting iron fence

wood fence installation. $12.88 - $15.64 per linear foot (4 ft fence) this includes pricing for wood fence installation but excludes gates, painting, or staining. reported by: promatcher research team. 43216, columbus, ohio - august 5, 2016 . Free Sample

wrought iron fence installation. $25.72 - $32.73 per linear foot (4 ft fence) price estimate includes clearing and cost of materials. reported by: promatcher research team. 60607, chicago, illinois - may 16, 2015 . Free Sample

in some cases, wrought-iron fences can cost more than $100 per linear foot - triple that of high-end wood fences.they are fairly high maintenance, requiring sanding and repainting every two or three years. properly . it's not unheard of for a very elaborate wrought-iron fence to cost $100 to $200 per linear foot. prices . Free Sample

2014 national painting cost estimator - craftsman book company national. painting cost. estimator. . . $73.00. craftsman book company. 6058 corte del cedro, carlsbad, ca 92011. by dennis d. gleason, cpe. turn your . download all of craftsman's most popular costbooks for one low price with the. craftsman site .. book show a total cost per 100 linear feet (such as for. Free Sample

learn how much it costs to paint or stain a privacy fence or picket fence, including what affects the price and how to save money on the project.most homeowners pay $5 – $10 per linear foot to paint a 6' privacy fence and $2 – $5 per foot to paint a 4' picket fence. there is a wide variance in price due to a . Free Sample

depending on the height and how elaborate the wrought work is, expect wrought iron fence price estimates in the range of $24-$34 per linear foot. while expensive, with the durability it offers along with the enhanced appearance and increased value it gives your home, wrought iron provides good long-term value for the . Free Sample

vinyl costs about $25 per linear foot. wrought-iron. most fence products with a wrought-iron appearance are made of modern steel, which is less expensive than wrought iron and more flexible. a 6-foot-tall wrought-iron fence is about $22 per linear foot. a 3-foot-tall fence is usually about $14 per linear foot. bamboo. a great . Free Sample

ornamental wrought iron, steel, and aluminum fencing are manufactured in panels, usually 4'- or 6'-wide, with heights from 36 to 72& . here are some ballpark prices for each type of metal fence: wrought iron: $17 to $25 per linear foot; steel: $11 to $20 per linear foot; aluminum: $8 to $16 per linear foot; chain link: $2 to $8 . Free Sample