is it possible to resurface a pool without draining it

drain your pool, and when you should (and should not) drain your pool, then the painting process that i prefer usually starts like this.while this might not be possible for every concrete pool and every interior finish type, the vast majority of concrete pools can be repainted using these steps . Free Sample

most above-ground pools come from the factory with a repair kit in case of damage to the side or bottom of the pool. these pools use a remarkably durable pvc material that is. Free Sample

does your swimming pool need resurfacing? the cost of mending the surface will depend on the size of your pool, the material it's made from and where you live. Free Sample

you've read of the new types of pool plaster options available (in my previous post), and had started looking into prices for resurfacing your plaster pool when it hits you what if i painted the pool . both pool paint and pool plaster require that the pool be drained properly and prepared for the new surface. Free Sample

there a way to coat them. i think they are causing . unless you have an extremely high water table, draining the pool and immediately refilling is safe without well- pointing. q. i've got calls out to a . a. resurfacing the pool will repair most interior leaks; when a breakdown of the surface is the problem. sign of an amateur . Free Sample

emptying a swimming pool. every swimming pool built or manufactured must, at one time or another, be emptied for repair or resurfacing. there is no such thing as a pool that will never need to be drained, regardless of what you may have been led to believe. draining a pool can cause serious damage to its structure. Free Sample

pool. two sump pumps were used to drain the pool of all its water. well, almost all of it. it stopped once it got to the crud at the bottom. here comes the fun part. Free Sample

though draining your inground swimming pool isn't something you do every day, once in a while it is required. some of the more common reasons include rebalancing your chemicals, lowering your total dissolved solids, or repairing or resurfacing the pool. additionally, many people empty their pools to . Free Sample

possible asbestos hazard if you are grinding and chipping old plaster out of a pool dating back to the era when asbestos was quaintly considered the "wonder material" of modern times. as an aggregate, marble dust makes plaster that is easier to work than quartz sand, but not as durable . Free Sample

pool rebar repair - rebar bleeds / rebar stains information and photos by mike the poolman in folsom, california . 1- underwater (without draining the pool, using scuba gear and special tools), or 2- dry (drain the pool and . customers frequently ask if resurfacing the pool will solve the problem. no, it will . Free Sample

pool repair cost guide lists price information on fixing a swimming pool, as reported by homeadvisor customers . can we help you find swimming pool, hot tub sauna pros? cost data is based on actual project costs as . repairing this involves draining the pool and resurfacing. if the crack goes all . Free Sample

pool paint, while cheaper upfront than a single pool resurfacing with plaster, does not last as long and will require far more maintenance and resurfacing over the years than new plaster will. still, if your situation requires that you need the lowest cost possible interior surface for your pool, and you need to be able to do it . Free Sample

pool areadraining and stripping the poolapplying various finishescommunity q a . access your pool's central pump system and switch it over to the drain or backwash setting . it's possible for precipitation and extremes in temperature to interfere with the resurfaced pool's dry time. Free Sample

without too much effort . if you don't wish to drain the pool, you can still patch small cracks or chips in the plaster . the best way to apply the mix is with a pool trowel, a stainless steel trowel with rounded ends. Free Sample

many new pool buyers have no idea they're going to have to resurface their concrete pool in the future. it is for this exact . if you've ever tried playing volleyball in a concrete swimming pool without water shoes on, you know exactly what i mean when i say concrete pools are rough. in fact, the older they get. Free Sample

pool surfaces . in the meantime it will make a water tight repair, without having to drain the water. it is possible that the spots are the result of the use and abuse of calcium chloride that was added to the plaster mixture. Free Sample

resurfacing, you must first drain the pool. next, you should thoroughly clean the pool's surface with a wire brush. if you have plaster on gunite, you will have to use a chisel, pick, or jack hammer to remove the plaster from the gunite shell. once you have removed all the plaster, use a wire brush on the shell to remove . Free Sample

one of the best times to resurface a swimming pool is in the off-season, ideally right before it needs to be filled up for the summer. if you choose to do it outside of that time, you'll need to drain your pool. check with your local government to see where you are allowed to drain your pool water if you don't . Free Sample

now i need to drain, sandblast paint off of surface, and plaster both pools. in summary, aquagard did not last more than 12 months and will wind up costing me for sandblasting and water, not to mention downtime. by the way, i am an engineer and followed all prep specs and instructions. i would not be . Free Sample