pergola on top of existing deck

this is my first post to this forum. i am building a pergola over my existing deck. the deck construction itself is made up of 6 x 6 vertical support posts, topped by 6 x 12 horizontal support beams. Free Sample

apr 28, 2016 , like this video? consider giving us a tip wpc pergola is made of by using of polyethylene, polypropylene and polyvinyl chl, Free Sample

this beautiful custom designed porch swing illustrates the architectural reveals and stength provided by archadeck projects; this custom designed extension to an existing deck features an seperate area for a hot tub; custom designed cedar pergola over an existing deck. we also constructed the custom privacy fence, Free Sample

because pergolas are often built over existing decks or other fixtures such as hot tubs, some homeowners choose to tackle the project on their own. many retail hardware stores now offer diy pergola kits in standard sizes, for example 10 feet by 10 feet. expect to pay around $1,500 for a 10-by-10 vinyl, Free Sample

build a vine-covered pergola in your backyard to shade a stone patio or wood deck using wood beams and lattice set on precast, classical-style columns. the dappled sunlight , building the pergola over an existing patio (instead of building a new one) saves you a lot of time, money and work. here's a summer project, Free Sample

i am planning to build a pergola like i said on the title but i have no idea how to attach the posts on the deck, that will support the pergola itself. will the , then i drive a steal rod or a hardwood dowel hole below and mount the post over the dowel or steal rod. some pics of the existing deck would help. Free Sample

aug 17, 2017 , if local codes allow setting the overhead directly on an existing slab but the concrete is not thick enough to support the overhead's weight, you will have to pour new footings around the slab's perimeter or break out sections and pour deeper footings. for information on installing a new patio, see pouring a, Free Sample

sep 1, 2017 , if you're wondering how to build a pergola on an existing deck, we've got some tips. it's a fairly straightforward process, but your focus should be on stability and security, and you can get that with the right materials. as deck hardware has become more advanced, it's getting much easier to build on top of, Free Sample

apr 22, 2009 , pergolas can be the perfect backyard oasis, but they're also fun to build. they're a perfect blend , if you are building over an existing stone patio, don't anchor the structure directly to the patio. instead, remove some , one thing to watch out for: tying the pergola to a deck can be dangerous. get a permit to, Free Sample

sep 26, 2017 , build the pergola. find the inside edge of a joist under the deck. this will be your starting point, so mark it with chalk. use the tape to measure 8 feet along the joist, and make another mark there. use a chalk line to mark the line between these two points on top of the deck. mark the points with a 6-penny, Free Sample

this is quickly going to become too complicated to tell you for sure if your deck will be able to support a structure like a pergola, but if it is even half the weight , to accurately determine this you need to figure out the additional #'s/sq ft of load that a structure as large as a pergola will place on top of the deck. Free Sample

then screw through the deck boards into the 2x6 underneath. this spreads any lift loads over a number of boards instead of one. using the deck posts/railings as anchors are recommended because they go right down to the footings or the sub structure. please make sure that the screws used are long, Free Sample

apr 9, 2016 , decide exactly where you're building your pergola (ours was on top of our existing deck). and then, you need to determine the size of the pergola you'd like to build. ours is about 14'x14' (this is the distance between the 6├Ś6 posts). the strength and structural integrity of your pergola will depend greatly, Free Sample