fixing a soft boat floor

if the outboard leg should strike a log or hit a sand bank, the leverage exerted on a soft transom could result in the back of the boat and the motor tearing clean away. the underside of the timber floor in some fibreglass boats are often not properly sealed and rot sets-in through rainwater sloshing around the cockpit and, Free Sample

i went to several websites and found that the ones that talked about repairing floors and the like were basically shills for products. gun control is bad; it is the work of the devil. gun control is good; it's necessary for the preservation of civilized life. conservatives are crazy. liberals are soft-hearted and stupid. Free Sample

28 nov 2005 , i am planning to repair some soft spots in the deck by injecting foam in between the layers. i think that this is the , with some luck, i found a link at the web of a former report [hull delamination repair - fixing soft spots in your deck by gary willcox ] of try if it works before using it on the boat. Free Sample

soft spots in the fiberglass body of a boat can become a serious problem if not taken care of right way. a soft spot in fiberglass can be caused by poor initial application or because of overexposure to sunlight. over time, sunlight can damage fiberglass if the conditions are right. fiberglass can be repaired fairly easily back to, Free Sample

i purchased this fiberglass resin kit from farm n fleet and the clerk there said it should be acceptable to use on my boat's floor even though it was marketed for auto repair , check for soft areas where the floor sags when you stand on it. but keep in mind there is no fix to rotten wood except replacement. Free Sample

a soft spot in your boat can make your life miserable on board. it requires you to fix it as soon as possible. boats are usually affected when you use them actively, suffering numerous stresses on their hull. sagging and hogging are very common conditions of a boat and they can also be cumulative. although boats are, Free Sample

over time, boat floors begin to show wear and tear from repeated exposure to the elements, specifically water. the need for a new boat floor becomes inevitable when the floor has a soft, spongy feel , Free Sample

29 jul 2011 , an education in boat rot, and how it is almost never easy to fix - duration: 4:51. friscoboater 45,429 views · 4:51. boat deck floor restoration tutorial, how to fix, mend and replace rotten plywood, fiberglass - duration: 2:35. james ford does everything! 32,511 views · 2:35 · replace that rotten floor in your, Free Sample

when you notice a small soft spot in the deck of your boat, it's often easy to ignore it, thinking the problem is one of limited scope. the problem, though, is that soft spots indicate an underlying problem that, if ignored, will spread. repairing a soft spot in a fiberglass deck is both a monstrous dance with reciprocating saws and, Free Sample

when an area is delaminated, it is substantially weaker and will feel soft when walked upon. a soft or giving feeling will indicate potential areas of delamination. several technical publications recommend an "easy fix" which involves drilling a series of holes through the top skin of the deck and forcing epoxy resin into the, Free Sample

the most obvious signs that your boat is in need of a new floor is that when walking around you feel soft spots. when we repair a floor we pull up the carpet and then pull up the bad wood and fiberglass. at this point we will check the stingers and motor mounts by taking a core sample. if all checks out then we replace the, Free Sample

almost the entire port deck was soft, so today i decided to do the repair. that's everything ahead , i thought "well, gorilla glue is polyurethane, just like the boat," so i bought a big , all in all, i can now definately see the benefit of getting the super-thin "git rot" epoxy for a delam repair job. don't be like me, Free Sample

21 jan 2014 , boat deck 5,188 views · 8:38 · sail epoxy basics: replacing wet core in a fiberglass boat - duration: 5:53. westsystemepoxy 27,779 views · 5:53. how to re-deck your boat with seven trust - duration: 7:20. 65,398 views · 7:20 · repairing a soft sailboat deck - duration: 6:34. paul esterle 69,683, Free Sample

well this is my first boat and after getting the engine all checked out me and my dad are tackling the rest of the work. we start on the floor it being the o, Free Sample

21 nov 2014 , got soft spots in the deck of your boat? this video will diagnose the problem and teach you how to fix it, using mas epoxies fiberglass resin products. to ge, Free Sample