wood header board landscape edging

some companies manufacture special edging products exclusively for ponds, lakes and water features. edging has been around since the early days of landscaping. in the late ?50s and early ?60s steel edging material was used. in california and arizona, bender board or header board, made of wood. Free Sample

wood edging comes in precut sections of alternating heights, either as round logs or flat boards. all types of wood edging are durable and most are affordable. the types of wood most often used include cedar, cypress and redwood, which resist rot naturally when lying next to soil. pressure-treated wood is resistant to . Free Sample

board, which is also known under a variety of brand names, is a synthetic landscaping material designed to resemble wood. it is typically . knee pads. use a few bricks or heavy stones to hold your unused board in place until you are ready to install it, and have a long string or thin rope on hand to mark your borders. Free Sample

lawn edging choices available in the marketplace: wood edging also known as bender board: common in california and the northwest part of the united states. Free Sample

landscaping;hardscapes;edging;brick edging (20);concrete edging (11);edging stones (2);landscape tree ring (28);metal edging (13);plastic edging (79);rubber edging (40);wood edging (28) . Free Sample

header board edging redwood bender board lowes becher board lowes becher hoppe ground cover edging landscape. oct , interior bender board edging lowes homemade landscape edging bender board canada rigid flower bed edging bender board plastic. fencelowes wood fence panels . Free Sample

edge of the wood to rest at ground level. place the lengths in the trench and pound the stakes in at the correct distances, leaving the stakes slightly higher than the lengths of wood. be sure to drive the stakes in on the outside of the lawn area so that the board length faces to the lawn. Free Sample

above: much stronger than bender board, metal landscape edging offers a thinner profile, typically from 1 to 2 mm (about 1/8 inch thick). because it is produced with a uniform thickness and weight, metal offers a structural strength not found in other materials. it can even be used as paver edging. Free Sample