styrofoam insulated panels suppliers in manila

manufacturer of rigid polyurethane foam, the most advancedinsulation material for large scale refrigerated storage and construction applications. dyd refrigeration systems lnc., has been recognized as a premier and leading manufacturer of polyurethane insulated panel on hot-pressed high density and doors based, Free Sample

dimension, customizable with minimum size for first floor 3.8m x 3.8m and minimum size for 2nd floor is 5.62m x 5.62m and can extend based on clients requirement. stacking, stackable up to 3 floors. steel structure, using c channel to insert our 50mm insulated expanded polystyrene panels. roof, double, Free Sample

panel technology, building system - mokul group of companiesthe system combines a high tech polystyrene foam and steel mesh panel core with a , double panel: ribs. insulating double panel, excellent for reinforced concrete walls such as load- bearing walls and retention walls. the double panel consists of two basic panels, ,.. uttaranchal, with panels imported from manila. Free Sample

sytro-lite's market for expandable polystyrene (eps) consists of companies involved in the manufacture of industrial, electronics and commercial products with , materials for industrial items, insulation boards for cold storage and ice plants, ceiling insulation panels for residential buildings, offices and food containers. Free Sample

we provide a complete package of quality insulation materials for homes, commercial buildings and industries. we're experienced enough to give highly specialized service and top of the line products. we also can give personal friendly service to your problems, and be honestly anxious to please. so drop by our contacts, Free Sample