wall cladding meterial for sprinter van

a stuffy van with condensate on windows and lingering cooking smells is not something that you would want in your house let alone in your prized campervan! . air seeping through interior panelling and onto cold metal surfaces where condensation is likely to form and possibly create rust or saturate insulation materials . Free Sample

the faucet in my 4x4 sprinter camper van conversion. get more info in this detailed. since the galley is on the back wall, it had to be built right over the wheel well. this reduced my options for a fridge, since the space wasn't too big. the isotherm cruise 65 elegance is a medium-sized marine fridge that . Free Sample

when planning out the walls, i had a couple big decisions stump me for awhile: color material. i settled on color first, white.miss a part? click here to catch up on the full story of my sprinter camper van conversion.my enlisted help giving me an assist with attaching the wall panels. in doing the curvy . Free Sample

sprinter van full build out cost** onechicktravels.com/blog/sprinter-van-conversion-total-cost full paneling instructions here: on.you will need to install it one piece at a time but you will find that far easier than trying to deal with the large glued up panels. stick with the pine . Free Sample

what materials did you choose for your sprinter van conversion and why did you choose these over other options? we wanted to build a van that was capable of all seasons travel for our family of four. therefore insulation was essential, we decided to go 2 layers of insulation to make it extra warm, . Free Sample

as cyrus sutton travels to surf, check out his living quarters - his van.my sprinter was a dream to drive but the living quarters were a problem.insulate with eps foam and wood- eps insulation doesn't breakdown with road vibrations and wood walls make it easy to accessories the walls with shelves and hooks to get stuff . Free Sample

this means there was only one material we wanted to use for the walls and ceiling of the van: cedar panels! the process of applying cedar panels to the walls of the van took about 4 days with 2 people working in the van. cedar paneling is . to cover the walls. this is our third step in the conversion of our sprinter van. Free Sample

i was very upset with metal walls in my van - they looks terrible. scratches and random holes all around. but then i found out you can cover this panels with. Free Sample

we stripped out all the stock plastic wall panels and headliner, then we got to work creating a cosy, livable space.closed cell foam. here's a comparison we made of most of the different insulation types that people use in vans.in the back, we used 1/2″ plywood covered in the same rubber coin material as the floor. Free Sample