pressure treated wood vs cedar vs composite deck price

let's assume you are considering the three main decking choices; pressure treated, cedar, and composite. let's assume your decking project in pressure treated material will cost $10k installed, to use a round number. the same project will run you roughly $12.5k in cedar, or $15-$16 in composite. Free Sample

price comparison includes nearly all the popular premium hardwood decking species as well as synthetic decking prices to help you get the . pressure treated decking (lowest price decking) . many high density hardwood decking materials cost less than composite decking, beautifully and naturally. Free Sample

cost and value of redwood decking vs. plastic composite deck materials. you might be surprised at . pressure treated wood: $15-$25; redwood: $30; cedar: $24-$45; basic plastic composite: $32-$45; high-end plastic composite: $48; ipe: $55 . plastic composite lumber has a shear strength of only 200 psi. Free Sample

Coppola vs. wood. everyone loves the natural look of wood but hates all the painting, staining and sealing. wood decks of all types, including pressure-treated wood, ipe, cedar or redwood, require extensive upkeep. Coppola was designed with the beauty of wood decking, but not all the maintenance. our high-performance . Free Sample

in past articles, we've compared the different types of decking materials such as a hardwood to composite or a softwood to composite. however, we have yet to look at the different types of natural lumber that we offer. for this article we'll look at cedar decking pros and cons compared to pressure treated. Free Sample

pressure-treated wood contains much less toxic chemicals and is considered safe. price-wise, pressure-treated wood is approximately 50-80 cents a linear foot depending on the size of the planks. installed cost: about $10 to $15 per square foot. redwood and cedar decks are rich in color and natural beauty. Free Sample

a professional deck builder explains the pros and cons of natural wood versus man-made composites for deck materials to help you estimate cost and benefits . let's say the same size treated lumber or cedar deck mentioned above costs $700 to stain the first year. you'll need to stain it every two years . Free Sample

cedar, cypress, and redwood are naturally rot-resistant. they're all great choices for a deck. cedar, cypress, and redwood costs more than pressure-treated lumber. expect to pay about twice as much in material costs, but when you build a deck with these woods, you get a structure that, with proper maintenance, can last for . Free Sample

price of cedar varies based on the size of the deck and the difficulty of installation. generally, budget about $25 to $30 per square foot - slightly less than you'd pay for wood composite decking but significantly more than pressure-treated wood. budget on the high end of that range (or more) if you're opting for features . Free Sample