ugly concrete patio solutions

concrete patio. if your patio set is sitting on the grass, it can be difficult . a concrete driveway is a great solution for replacing your existing crumbling and ugly parking spaces. a concrete driveway is a smooth, long-lasting. Free Sample

concrete craft's driveway resurfacing system is the perfect solution for restoring an ugly driveway to better than new . in the meantime, check out our digital brochure and see how many unique ways there are to enhance your life with beautiful, decorative concrete for driveways, patios, walkways, interior . Free Sample

how to make your patio look new again for less than $100 with olympic rescue it! deck and concrete resurfacer . i ran out of cleaning solution before i could fully cover the patio a second time, so i would recommend getting more cleaner than you think you'll need (the bottle says up to 300 sq. ft, but my . Free Sample

sierra stone provides durable and decorative concrete overlay and resurfacing solutions for your home and businesses in the us and canada for more than 25 years. Free Sample

concrete overlay transforms an ugly entryway and patio. this home's tile-covered entryway steps and adjoining patio had clearly seen better days. not only were the tiles starting to delaminate and spall, they also became slippery and hazardous when wet. looking for an economical solution to floor the patio and . Free Sample

patio with pavers: "no need to tear out an ugly slabjust hide it!" i need an ugly slab first . spray paint and stencil concrete porch. i don't have a concrete porch or entryway, but i am going to do my sidewalk from gate to porch . see more. the perfect solution to my ugly concrete back porch! Free Sample

as i was trying to decorate the patio with furniture, i just couldn't get pass how ugly the floor looked. so i wanted to tile it, but we couldn't afford it. my friend, richella, suggested that we stain the concrete to look like tile. this seemed like an option that we could afford, so we went for it. here are the main steps . Free Sample

my builder and i had a "misunderstanding " and i discovered that instead of a wide planked porch, he'd poured the ugly concrete slab that i hate! . the ugly slab and figured i had thought of everything possible but you have all given me possible solutions ,many of which hadn't crossed my mind! Free Sample

have a damaged ugly concrete patio? staining, resurfacing scoring are some options to breathe new life into it. read on to learn more about these solutions. Free Sample

patio surface is ugly, outdated and has numerous stains that you've tirelessly tried to remove to no avail. this is what local suburbs look like with pebblecrete concrete driveways, not to mention the ugly stains and discolouration you get for . Free Sample

concrete contractor since the early 80's, i've seen a lot of concrete that needs a new surface. back then there wasn't much for user friendly products that would allow you to easily resurface a worn out, ugly looking concrete floor, patio, sidewalk, or deck. but now, that's all changed! with today's "just add water" bag . Free Sample

patio using concrete resurfacer . before the concrete sets, use a broom to give the surface a slip resistant finish. watch this video to find out more . ugly concrete can be cured with concrete surfacing compound. this material . Free Sample

these ugly growths spoil the appearance of your concrete, and some growths can even cause damage. growths such as green algae, mold and mildew can cause concrete sidewalks, driveways or patios to become extremely slippery, creating a fall risk for you and your family. if you've tried to remove these . Free Sample