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1 department of chemistry, ibrahim badamasi babangida university, lapai, nigeria . effect of acetylation on pretreated wood flour of four different wood species, boabab (adansonia digitata), mahoganny (daniella oliveri), african . sorption of artificially aged wood-plastic composite, biore- sources, vol . Free Sample

material like metal, wood, glass or plastic material. engraving pen can be used to protect .see more. engraving pen is used to inscribe on almost any material like metal, wood, glass or plastic material. engraving pen can be . Free Sample

plastics helps to cut down pollution levels considerably, as these materials are re-used, instead of throwing them away irresponsibly . conserving natural resources such as wood, water and minerals ensures their optimum use . prime waves nigeria limited,. Free Sample

there are some peculiar properties of plastics materials, which make the unique so that products can literally be tailor-made out of these materials . the traditional materials, jute, paper, sisal, wood, cardboard, tinplate, aluminum and glassware's were widely replaced with the advent of plastics due to . Free Sample

wpc is widely used for varieties of building purposes from cladding and siding, flooring, ceiling, partitioning, car porch, non slippery swimming pool flooring to gate. reasons . we are representative of futec building materials in nigeria using 100% polyurethane for their products which is hazardous free, Free Sample

materials, which is made from wood. 2. the polymer category (n50, n20, n10, n50): n5, n10, n20 and n50 paper notes was later converted to polymer notes. 3. the coins (n2 . Free Sample

the ngo dare turned the dual problem of nigeria's housing shortage and pollution problem into a wonderful solution by creating africa's 1st home made . the bottles were then strategically laid and packed down with a combination of mud and cement, creating a building material that dare claims is . Free Sample

building homes with recycled materials can be a good way to save cost and combat the global warming problems being faced by countries all over the world . thing to do with plastics after recycling as it not only alleviates environmental pollution but it also solves the problem of housing deficit in nigeria. Free Sample

nigeria. abstract. wood plastic composite panels were produced using a locally fabricated extruding machine at a temperature of about 170°c-200°c. the sawdust of anogeissus leiocarpus(ayin) and recycled polyethylene teraphthalate (pet). chips were mixed in the ratio 1:1 to 1:5 and densities of 770.58 kg/mm3. Free Sample

materials, including metal, plastic, and wood. furniture can be made using a variety of wood working joints which often reflect the local culture. archeological research shows that neolithic people used stone to build cupboards, dressers, beds, shelves and seats. ancient from the 8th-century bc . Free Sample

wood fibre boards and panels. plywood boards and panels. wooden doors. toothpicks. glass and glassware. kitchen utensils. tableware. tiles-vitrified and ceramic. textiles. woven fabrics. clothes. plastic and rubber products, polypropylene granules , cellophane wrappers. soap and cosmetics. Free Sample

plastic materials and in particular the expanded polystyrene building technologies in the nigerian . applications of this innovative plastic material in the nigerian building industry with special regard to the . plastics have already displaced many traditional materials such as wood, leather . Free Sample

wood-plastic composites have significant applications in various fields such as construction/engineering. for wood as a construction material, its use is impaired under certain degradative agents due to its hydrophilic nature, presence of cellulose, a food substrate for microorganisms. for this reason . Free Sample

materials for sale starting from 150 in nigeria floor · wall · stone · mould . purchase minimum of 2000 square meters of dave tiles interlocking paving stones and enjoy the . best of interlocking paving stone make your outdoor leisure space distinctive wit the . Free Sample