meticulous wall design panels

designed in variety of shapes and designs, with meticulous craftsmanship done on them, our wooden panels are especially developed for doors and windows and other . wall panels are a single piece of material fittings, usually flat and cut into a desired shapes, which serves as the visible and exposed covering for a wall. Free Sample

the look is architectural and clean, with components meticulously cut and assembled by hand from more than 40 available colors.wall panel 067 from submaterial is made to order at any size with a 2” increment, and our fabrication allows us to create modular panels which join easily and . design milk – submaterial. Free Sample

3d panels designed with the intention of creative play with form and light. you can make your interior one of a kind, individually aranging a chosen model. Free Sample

one of our earliest and most distinctive designs. the rhythmic, grid-like composition of each wall panel 068 is achieved using two colors of wool felt: a main body color, and an interlayer with a complimentary but contrasting color. felt components are meticulously cut and assembled by hand over our high-performance . Free Sample

with over 90 metal roof and metal wall panels, the largest selection in the industry, you are sure to find the perfect panel system for your project. with our large product selection, meticulous performance testing methods, and complete engineering and design capabilities, mbci is fully capable and committed to supporting . Free Sample

with fabric wrapped panel solutions by contemporary surface solutions your imagination is your only limitation. novawall is the industry's time-tested standard for vinyl, fabric and digital wall and ceiling applications. the meticulous finish of an installation with novawall panels will bring to life unique design options with . Free Sample

with various patterns, shapes, and metals to choose from, it's easy to find a panel option that fits your personal décor style. perforated panels with intricate and intriguing designs can stylishly jazz up a blank wall or a plain staircase. meticulous, modern panel designs transform a standard building into an . Free Sample

panel glides. panel glides add a touch of modern sophistication offering a contemporary and minimalist design, perfect for large windows, doors or as a room divider. book now for a consultation . Free Sample

the individual camelia pieces are then meticulously applied to the surface.a commission by eminent designer bethan gray and her husband massimo to create two art pieces for their london home. responding to the . a beautiful dark grey leather was meticulously applied directly to the wall in large flat panels. Free Sample

today the yale gallery's steel panels shimmer again between grey concrete frames. in the way the steel picks up the colours of the sky, there is a faint glimmer of a wall crowded with constable sketch studies of cloudscapes. the steel and glass surfaces each subtly reflect something of their surroundings. Free Sample

sculptural and richly detailed, wall panel 069 features a geometric built-up surface of concentric rectangles in vegetable-tanned cowhide or recycled leather composite. meticulously cut and assembled by hand, each panel celebrates the precise handwork which has become a submaterial signature. the thick cowhide is . Free Sample

through research and real life experience in the metal panel industry, dri-design was invented to solve what were viewed as significant shortfalls of traditional . the result of dri-design's meticulous engineering is a 100% recyclable, pressure equalized rain-screen, architectural metal wall system that attaches to nearly any . Free Sample

parador decorates walls with tangibly beautiful panels. with sophisticated solutions for wall and ceiling decoration, the design trendsetter parador picks up the current tendency towards light colours. the new decor panels also score well with 3d textures that allow an interesting play of light to unfold. also new: clickboard . Free Sample

redefine the look and feel of your home with stunning decorative wall panels. this collection is available in many sizes and colours, with a large selection of traditional, contemporary and industrial designs. these 3d panels are meticulously carved and textured to bring richness and elegance to your décor. they are . Free Sample

frato | seoul console the fusion between classic and contemporary styles, meticulously managed, grants frato's interiors its timeless look.wood wall design for hanging pairings entry floors .. bauhaus asymmetrical contemporary designed stained clear glass panels with bevels designed for either side of a door. Free Sample

welcome to wall panel systems. who we are. wps represents quality. wps precision design and engineering is key to quality. our design department meticulously reviews designs and job plans to address feasibility, safety concerns, and possible alternative solutions in order to prepare a fair and accurate . Free Sample