what has the most density wood or plastic

more easily. explain. 6. discuss how the mass, size, and arrangement of atoms and molecules affect the densities of metal, plastic, and wood. explain to students that each substance has its own density because of the atoms and molecules it is made . Free Sample

just like all matter water has physical properties that can be measured and calculated. to find the mass of water . most of our students are non-scientist this is an excellent educational video - a very simple and easy to understand presentation of water density and its effect on a floating object. great job!. Free Sample

density as they explore a rock and a wooden block in water. first students . a rock is placed on a primary balance that has a block of wood on the . a student considers whether a plastic cup with wood in it would weight more or less . Free Sample

most often, we combine density with a strength property. we will look at . temperature and pressure, water has a density of approximately 1000 kg/m. 3 . plastics. (elastomers). (porous). (woods). 0.02 0.2. (foams). key: ceramics. engineering ceramics. plastics. engineering polymers. composites. engineering . Free Sample

what materail would hold the most amont of weight in water. example if i were to stand on something on top of water what would be the best and smallist object to . balsa wood is also mostly trapped air . a substance which has a very low density and which is not too hard to manufacture is hydrogen gas. Free Sample

most conversations i have (even with my mother) eventually come around to a gadget-related question . but one question that had me stumped recently was, "which is a better material for chopping boards: wood, glass or plastic?" . hi, it is also important to choose a high density chopping board when buying plastic. Free Sample

more copper atoms can fit in the cube. copper atoms are also heavier than aluminum atoms. the combination of more and heavier atoms makes copper more dense than . Free Sample

density, it is a good start, and certainly better than a blind guess. so, to help measure and compare all sorts of different materials, whether they be wood, metal, plastic, or some other form, i've complied a table of . Free Sample

density are buoyancy and population density . a piece of wood will float on water; but, most rocks are more dense than water, so they will sink. helium is less dense than air, so helium balloons rise. oil floats on vinegar . abdulrhman alshihari 5 months ago. whats the intensity of ice. Free Sample

wood, paper, plastic, metal, glass, cotton, rubber, stone, and dozens of others. some of these materials are . on the other hand, lead and gold are both much softer than iron, even though they have higher densities. hardness is decided not just by . Free Sample

wood or plastic, it feels light for its size . has more mass. it turns out that copper and aluminum atoms are arranged about the same way but copper atoms are smaller and have more mass than aluminum . a sample of a substance with a higher density will always have a greater mass than the same size. Free Sample

wood is less dense than water. if you could weigh a large amount of water that has the same volume as the log, the log will weigh less than the water. therefore, the log floats. a pebble will sink because rock is more dense than water. if you could weigh a small amount . Free Sample

density so clearly that you will have no trouble explaining the difference to your students . tape, 40 (or more) 1oz or 2oz plastic portion cups (dixie sells them in boxes of 800 for less than $10--see if your school cafeteria has them), lots of pennies (to use as . Free Sample

have the same density. classify the plastic pieces according to those with the following: a) a density lower than that of water, b) a density higher than that of . waste paper could also be used for the making of the paper. the recycling of waste paper saves energy and material, wood. wood and paper as materials. Free Sample

density has the same numerical value as its mass concentration. different materials usually have different densities, and density may be relevant to buoyancy, purity and packaging. osmium and iridium are the densest known elements at standard conditions for temperature and pressure but certain . Free Sample

have an object for which to compute the density. for example, a small piece of wood, plastic, metal screw or nut, and rubber should be used to determine the density. 5. after computing the density, students are to predict whether or not the objects will sink or float in regards to density. water is used as . Free Sample

plastic, and 3 wood. it is easier for students if you reduce the number to 8 by using all the samples of metal but only two wood and two plastic cubes. we suggest using the nylon (off-white, least dense) plastic cube and the pvc (gray, most dense) plastic cube. for the wood, we . Free Sample