extruded tongue and groove aluminum flooring

this break apart valance - tongue and groove extrusion, fits your 3/8" material, is perfect for lid enclosures for all your road or flight cases. the design allows material to be extruded as one piece, then breaks apart into two separate aluminum extrusions, male and female. the oa2374 is designed for each piece to, Free Sample

extruded landscape. standard features. all aluminum box tube; heavy duty long sills light bar- 2" x 6" x .250"; cross members at 12" oc -2" x 3" x 1/8"; premium b tube perimeter frame; tongue and groove extruded aluminum flooring; extruded aluminum headboard with expanded metal window; solid, Free Sample

4 stainess d ring tie downs. mud flap kit. 5” tall x 2” wide outside perimeter. 3” tall x 2.5” wide i beam subfloor support (12" o.c.). 4” tall x 2” wide, long mounting sills welded on chassis cabs adjustable from 38” to 42” on bed delete models. 1/2" high engineered extruded tongue groove aluminum flooring, Free Sample

to manage the water, we've trained crews to deal with rubber, vinyl, and aluminum below-decking and ceiling contraptions, but all of these systems have ,. unlike the open-rib planks, this is a solid-core product with a specialized tongue-and-groove edge profile, a pvc core, and a surrounding asa, Free Sample

trailers - alum-lineothers that claim to be all-aluminum. you need to look deeper. alum-line is built with two separate mainframe extrusions – a roof rail to provide upper strength, and a bottom rail that builds a strong foundation for our tongue and groove aluminum flooring and vertical super-structure. our trailers are built for commercial. Free Sample

hybrid extrusions · tongue groove extrusions; break apart extrusions. lidmaker extrusions · basemaker extrusions · divider extrusions · plastic extrusions · u channel extrusions · panel extension extrusions · miscellaneous extrusions · panels and laminates · foam, carpet and vinyl · hinges lid stays · access, Free Sample

decking systems use extruded aluminum planking available with either a 1 1/2" or 1 3/4" vertical height. semi-closed decking , groove decking system this fully closed deck system joins the footboards and riserboards with a tongue-and-groove design for higher performance, providing the following added benefits:. Free Sample

overview. many areas of australia experience very adverse conditions such as marine or severe industrial corrosive environments. in these situations, building structures can benefit from the corrosion resistance and light weight features of extruded aluminium structural systems. coastal bulk material handling plants such, Free Sample

watertight aluminum decking surface; marine grade aluminum boards w/ tongue groove design; one start board; main boards; one finish board; extruded with integrated, hidden, screw flange; complex deck shapes - easily achieved; dry space below for lighting and more; ariddek™ deck finishing; additional, Free Sample

6 dec 2012 , [edit] advantages of all-aluminum trailers. light weight; more load capacity; less rolling resistance equals better gas mileage. non-skid tongue and groove aluminum extruded flooring. low maintenance surface. maintains its value. Free Sample