viny siding estimated cost for 2000 sq. ft. home

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estimates are based on the exterior square feet of your home. for example, if your home was 10' tall, 40' long and 30' wide, it could be a 1,200 square foot home with 10*(40+40+30+30)=1,400 exterior square feet, which could take roughly 14 10'x10' squares of vinyl. Free Sample

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you have 2000 spr/ft of wall space which translates into & 20 square& . a & square is a 100 sqr/ft (10 x 10 area). you use the term & square when it comes to siding and roof shingles. so you can expect the siding install to be about $250.00 per square. this is a base price for the siding installation and materials only. Free Sample