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russian federation with the formal name of measures for the further reduction and limitation of strategic offensive arms. it was signed on 8 april 2010 in prague, and, after ratification, entered into force on 5 . Free Sample

boris johnson brands russia 'a lifeline for assad's murderous regime' as it stops un condemning syrian chemical attack . he added: "this puts russia on the wrong side of the argument." . he accused russia of siding with "a murderous, barbaric criminal, rather than with their international peers.". Free Sample

russian interests in antarctica can also be seen as part of a strategy of maximising so-called smart power. russia's antarctic policy aims to forward national interests as well as strengthening the . Free Sample

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russia after its intervention in . together, these results indicate that the sanctions are quite smart, in the sense of hitting the intended . the left-hand side dependent variable tracks the particular firm's financial metrics of . Free Sample

russia is prepared for war with 96 per cent of vladimir putin's intercontinental ballistic missile launchers ready for combat, a defence minister has revealed . with information warfare are more potent and effective than those used in the past. he said: "propaganda must be smart, competent and effective. Free Sample

importantly, it will be impossible to change this track even if the kremlin compromises on some issues (as the vitality of the jackson-vanik amendment has graphically shown). russia's actions are less predictable and more flexible. its current measures are tailored to the actions of the other side. for the time . Free Sample

side confirmed its decision to join the treaty on complete banning of the nuclear tests (cbnt) till the end of 1996. russian president b.yeltsin acted as a broker in this issue between china and the west after he suggested to take this role during the g - 7 meeting in vancouver. china the only . Free Sample

russian leader declines to retaliate after us expels 35 russian diplomats, saying further action will depend on trump's policies . the foreign ministry said 96 russians, including the 35 diplomats and their family members, were being forced to leave the us. us intelligence services believe russia . Free Sample

during the initial stages of the unrest in eastern ukraine, russia denied direct involvement or support for the separatists.96 in december 2015, however, . eu inter alia by selling arms to armenia's enemy, azerbaijan, thus reminding yerevan that its security depended on staying on the right side of moscow. Free Sample

russia) for a time and i can state that you will get no grief from the russian people. they know that the gov will do what it wants, and there is nothing that they can do about it! (sounds like america). i do not think. Free Sample

currently, russia's fleet of executive choppers is primarily operated by roosiya airlines, same goes with the rest of russia's head of state transport fleet. this inventory includes close to forty aircraft ranging from the quad motored air force one equivalent, the il-96, to a pair of newly acquired falcon 7x long . Free Sample

on sunday night, the washington post reported that president trump's private business was actively pursuing a real estate deal in russia in late 2015, . 1996. trump announces a $250 million investment in two residential buildings in moscow near the old olympic stadium. at a news conference, he says . Free Sample

96-year-old ipswich man selected to join a secret unit formed by winston churchill during the second world war has been . marking 20 years on this side of the pond, the us comedian's laidback stand-up style, and southern drawl have made him comedy favourite and he is bringing his latest . Free Sample

world's quietest submarine, cruise missiles and smart bombs: the deadly arsenal putin is using to pound syria as russia's awesome firepower . the technology also means the missiles can be fired at jets flying either side of the aircraft, which a traditional system of targeting and guidance cannot manage. Free Sample

side' exists to russia's trust-building in the black sea region. an empirical analysis is made of whether, and how, russia uses soft power to deter democratization by anchoring the promotion of pro-russian separatism in crimea to the russian black sea fleet. Free Sample

russia's deputy defense minister said in april 2016 that the military had received some 1,200 new and modernized aircraft since 2013250 new planes, . otoh you have no idea who was in control of the weapon that shot down the aircraft over the ukraine or even what side the weapon belonged to. Free Sample

russia, higher regional rates of alcohol consumption are associated with higher rates of homicide. we examined the . annual rates of (proxy) alcohol consumption and homicides in russia, 19651996. aside from this . a constellation of supply-side factors likely enabled the rise in alcohol consumption. the state . Free Sample

few, if any, analysts on either side of the atlantic had predicted that moscow would move to destroy what was envisioned at the end of the cold war as . a potential precedent for similar action by nato in russia or around its periphery. the russian military's brutal tactics during the 19941996 war in . Free Sample

russia in fact a closer-than-it-looks, post-fact global future? can it be avoided? and are we really that different? fringe's first russian alternative comedian, oleg, cuts to the cheese of information politics. come get a thought-provoking and weirdly hilarious glimpse of the world outlook from the other side of the . Free Sample