non slip wood deck surface treatments

anti slip coating that is barely visible and easy to clean. our amazing coating is virtually smooth unlike all other coatings that have ugly rough beads protruding on the surface making the floor hard to clean. independently certified on the bs7976 pendulum slip tester our coating meets all the hse . Free Sample

with our help you'll pick the perfect non slip deck coating and enjoy your garden or commercial deck for longer, all year round, without that awful, . the premier wood treatment which is the new name for the premier wood preservative can be spray applied, but be aware that if you are using a pump . Free Sample

decking has become a very desirable product for all manner of exterior surfaces, both in the domestic and commercial marketplace. there are many timber decking suppliers across the uk but few of them offer anti-slip decking (sometimes called non slip decking) as a standard product. so just what is anti-slip . Free Sample

anti slip stain ronseal decking . the thing we love most about this oil is its longevity it really soaks deep into the wood for a long-lasting coating. we get a lot of heavy . the product contains active anti-slip micro-beads (which are invisible), that stick to your surface and improve its grip. for this purpose, the . Free Sample

anti-slip decking oil has a non-slip effect and prevents green growth on the surface. in a single product application, both teak-oil and anti-slip decking oil cannot prevent the natural greying process. degrey weathered wood with osmo wood reviver power -. gel before the treatment with osmo decking-oils. Free Sample

anti-slip paints for use on wooden decking, metal steps, concrete, garages and factory floors, to low profile anti-slip strips that add a coarse slip resistant surface to wooden decking . an easy to use, clear treatment to prepare surfaces for the application of protectakote. does not damage . Free Sample

decking looking great all year round by protecting it from the elements. our range of strippers, cleaners and finishes includes decking paint opaque coloured wood finish, penetrating wood oils for softwood and hardwood decking, water-based . non-slip protection for all wood species for an anti-slip surface . Free Sample

surface has to deal with the elements provided by mother nature. in addition to combating the elements a pool deck is going to get wet from its proximity to the pool. wood decks are very slippery when wet and it is important to treat them to increase the traction and reduce slips and falls. injuries around pools are . Free Sample