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there are all kinds of backyard fences to choose from: wood, vinyl, chain-link and wrought iron are some of the most popular. another factor in the cost is . touch to your home. the downside is that you pay for that quality, with the average installation cost of wrought iron fencing running upwards of $3,000 per 75 linear feet. Free Sample

at minimum, homeowners can expect to pay around $16.65 per square foot for chain link of the greatest advantages of going with chain link fencing is its low cost.a lot of fencing companies these days have begun to include labor and installation as part of their per-square-foot estimates. Free Sample

however, there are simple ways to reduce your fence installation cost per you will read later on, there are three main types of privacy fences: wood, chain link and vinyl.everyone is entitled to an honest day's pay for an honest day's work, but not all fencing companies charge the same rates. Free Sample

cost of 6 foot privacy fence - get options installation prices -- use our free fence calculator to get the average cost to install a privacy fence.expect the 6 foot privacy fence prices to fluctuate between various companies – each and every company have different operation expenses and over-head. try to get prices . Free Sample

it requires little maintenance and is not prone to rust. you can hire a professional to powdercoat the aluminum to add to its weatherized protection. it's also an optimal choice for swimming pool fencing. if you are willing to pay more to get the look you want, aluminum costs $22 to $32 per linear foot and has hefty installation . Free Sample