demo-dek deck renovation tool

deck removal made easy. pull up decking simply and safely without bending over or wearing out your back. revolutionary design. achieve maximum efficiency to remove multiple deck boards in seconds. save time and money. complete big jobs in a fraction of the time, cutting costs and boosting productivity. Free Sample

my crews have been abusing this tool for more than six months, and the laminated bamboo handle has yet to break. some of the other tools we've tried broke quickly and with gentler use. the demo-dek costs $150 online, so it's not cheap. if i only had one deck demolition on the horizon, i wouldn't buy it or . Free Sample

but we found that the standard tool was plenty fast, especially since the demo-dek can be used at any point on the deckingwe didn't have to locate the . deck builder magazine, writing feature articles that dictate the deck and outdoor industry's best practices for design, construction and management. Free Sample

deck repair cost guide surveys homeowners to reveal the average price for repairing a deck, replacing deck boards and fixing deck railings . deck removal tool by greentek tools pull up decking simply and safely in a fraction of the time, . the demo-dek can remove a 16 ft. board in one pull. Free Sample

in this video shot at jlc live in providence, ri, professional deck builder editor andy wormer examines the demo-dek decking removal tool with inventor ben weinreich of greentek tools. weinreich says the tool's laminated bamboo handle is as strong as steel, and that the unique design of the . Free Sample

tools on any number of local or remote nodes. jobs can be triggered by the scheduler or on-demand via the web interface or api. 2. safely hand off the job to others to execute or follow the output -- depending on the . Free Sample

demo lances and other tools; designed to push the tool . i have been employed with industrial builders inc. for 31 years, the last 17 as a field superintendant supervising in bridge repair and overlays. Free Sample

demo-dek by greentek tools is the fastest and easiest deck removal tool on the market. designed for maximum efficiency to remove multiple deck boards in seconds, demo-dek helps complete big jobs in a fraction of the time, cutting costs and boosting productivity. and demo-dek works on almost any deck removal . Free Sample

what do you guys think about all of these specialty demo bars (gutster, duckbill deck wrecker, duck prybar)? we've done a whole lot of ripping stuff up in our days and so far have never been dissatisfied with a simple crowbar, a hammer, and a wonder bar (all of which fit in a normal tool bag). maybe if . Free Sample

tool! let's talk roi demo-dek will appeal to every decking contractor who does any amount of deck construction or dock work, as it will pay for itself before the first deck renovation is done! decking contractors will be able to present a lower price to customers because the old . Free Sample

deck repair : how to cut boards out of a deck. apr 27, 2008 . cutting out existing wood deck boards is essential for making deck repairs. find out how to cut out old deck boards using a saw-zaw in this free . demo 1-2-3: how to remove a deck | hometown demolition . there's more than one way to get rid of your deck . Free Sample