average price of a porch floor

cost breakdown. what needs to be included: pour concrete footings and set 4x4 posts as piers. average price of concrete is $75 per cubic yard, with 6 to 9 piers that would require roughly two cubic yards each. this would total $1350. build floor joist system utilizing syp (southern yellow pine ) . Free Sample

cost averages are based upon a raised deck, shingled roof and traditional railing constructed to code using standard lumber. 6 x 10 - $6000-7000; 16 x 20 - $21,000; 15x24 - $24,000. other cost factorselevation: a porch connects the finish floor elevation (ffe) with that of the surrounding ground . Free Sample

porch can be one of the most gratifying additions you can make to a house a place for greeting guests, enjoying summer evenings and drinking lemonade. the average cost to build a porch really . Free Sample

the t g (kdat) flooring added an additional $685 to the cost of the porch. that also included the special advantech subflooring my builder used underneath and hiring a professional flooring company to install it. if you decide to use kdat wood for your porch floor, be sure to use a professional installer . Free Sample

porch painting cost non-discounted retail pricing for: exterior paint. latex based, paint and primer in one. flat, eggshell and semi-gloss finish options. for wood, vinyl, masonry, stucco, brick. mildew resistant. 15 yr warranty. quantity includes typical waste overage, material for repair and local delivery. 134 square feet . Free Sample

average square footage cost of an entire front porch in treated lumber will be about $45-$55. as an example, one recent porch project, a 9 foot by 42 foot long porch with roof, treated decking,railings, columns,and steps, cost about $18,000 which is about $48.00 a square foot. custom porches . Free Sample

cost of this varies from council to council, but you should be able to find prices online. if the property isn't a listed building, then the following will most likely apply. you do not need planning if: the total floor area does not exceed 3 square metres; the height does not exceed 3 metres; no part of the porch is within 2 metres . Free Sample

porch building prices, tips and get free porch estimates . flooring and ceiling: popular flooring choices include hardwood, stone, tile, and composite. simple . the cost of a porch could be anywhere from $5,000 for a simple structure or less to $75,000 or more for a sunroom or similar fully enclosed structure. Free Sample

cost of a porch, since it involves more materials and labor and may require an upgraded foundation. a basic . and expect to pay anywhere from $15,000 to $30,000 for a good-quality, medium-sized (about 16' x 20') porch with a floor and roof built by a contractor. Free Sample