retractable pergola roof diy

enhance your outdoor living space by building your own slide-on wire hung canopy system for your pergola . the follow up was always going to be some sort of shade for it, looked at shade sail which would have been a nice easy solution but no retractable which was really what the wife (and i) wanted. Free Sample

canopy can be installed on any pergola or other freestanding structure. our comprehensive video will show you step-by-step how to sew your own canopy panels and install them on a pergola. diy slide-on wire-hung canopy for a pergola. to make planning your slide-on wire-hung canopy easier, we created . Free Sample

(8) 1" diameter pvc pipes, 10' long; drill and small drill bit; measuring tape; marker; (16) 1" pvc slip-on caps; spray paint; drop cloth; 15-1/2 yards sailcloth; 3 spools white outdoor polyester thread; sewing machine; scissors or rotary cutter; (40) #8 eye screws. (2) 4"x4"x8' posts; (6) carriage bolts, washers and nuts; long 1/4" . Free Sample

pergolas can offer some great privacy, but they're not always the best for shade. in my backyard, the sun shines all day long and man, is it hot out there! whil. Free Sample

in the afternoon the sun really beats down on our patio. so last year i bought a roll of shade cloth from sams club figuring i'd try to rig something up to help cut down the sun a little. here are some pics of what i did. okay so it took a year :rolleyes: but at least it's done now.:yes: shade open. Free Sample

adding a retractable shade cloth to a pergola creates a shady spot to relax. while some companies offer special shade cloth made specifically for pergolas that come with fancy. Free Sample

build a retractable canopy. make a retractable canopy now you can build any shed in a weekend even if you've zero wood working experience! your wood working efforts will be a thoroughly satisfying, enjoyable and ego-boosting experience! Free Sample

pergola avec store accordéon fait maison - pergolas et tonnelles à faire soi-même;shade sailspergolaspalettesluxury interiorvous eteshammocksweldingcanopytent . Free Sample

diy network shares budget-friendly ideas for incorporating shade structures in your backyard . 19 easy ways to create shade for your deck or patio. find some simple ways -- like awnings, canopies, umbrellas, . an oversized orange umbrella takes the place of a pergola or traditional roof over the patio. from: studio h . Free Sample