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static electricity with outdoor deck. discussion in . you may be able to find an anti static liquid to the composite planks to reduce ore eliminate that. i have Coppola . there was a roller skating rink which replaced the wood floor with a plastic one and we could build up tremendous static charges. you did not . Free Sample

damaged floors (58). outdoor (34). product type (150). topcoats (18). epoxy paints (30). interlocking tiles (25). floor repair products (32). color flecks (7). liquid rubber (6). polyaspartic polyurea coatings (3). esd and anti static floors (3). urethanes (18). primers (14). sealers densifiers (8). water based coatings . Free Sample

the term anti-static is often misunderstood and misused, 9 times out of 10 when we are asked for anti-static flooring what the customer actually wants is electro-static dissipative or conductive flooring, commonly referred to as esd flooring. as a general rule you will need an esd floor if you are . Free Sample

at armorpoxy, we have engineered a variety of patio and outdoor deck products such as our deck paint solutions specially crafted for the unique environment that outdoor spaces are exposed to. all of our patio and outdoor area flooring systems are manufactured to withstand all environmental aggravators. uv rays, cold . Free Sample

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the tiles are designed to be used in any weather condition or climate which makes lifestyle the ideal outdoor flooring product.the holes also allow for excellent airflow which helps the floor to stay ventilated and cool in hot countries - a perfect outdoor floor tile for areas that get really . patio, terrace balcony flooring. Free Sample