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vegetable gardensnever thought about putting a wire wood fence around my raised garden beds to keep kids pets out, create separation on side yard . its possible to convert a low fence like this to a deer proof fence with the addition of a few tall posts and a chain or wire strung between them to create height that deer . Free Sample

a how-to article about fencing in your backyard vegetable garden . i intended to buy four-by-four cedar postsi don't like pressure-treated woodbut then a friend told me about these beautiful, ten-foot, bark-on cedar poles at a local lumberyard, mahopac railroad tie corp. they were eighteen bucks . Free Sample

garden fence: unrolled the wooden fencing, placed the wire fencing on top, and stapled it to the wooden fencing. make sure you put . vegetable garden surrounded by a split rail fence to keep the rabbits and dear away. wire garden fence panels and simple hog panel fence attach panel to post, screw outer . Free Sample

garden fence and perimeter fence because i'm not completely thrilled with the options we've chosen. so that is why i'm bringing . perimeter of your property. however, the wooden posts add a little décor to it . this is another design for a vegetable garden fence. it is gorgeous in . Free Sample

vegetable garden fence to add to your own home . like the fence.simple and clean.stained wood - saltytoes . to be able to see and enjoy your own garden), you can make a regular garden fence taller by attaching netting to taller poles, in effect making a taller (but nearly invisible) fence. Free Sample

at least four wooden posts will be needed (one for each corner of a square fence); you might want more if installing a non-square or very large fence, and extra wooden . no more curious critters wander into the garden, munch on plants and leave muddy footprints up and down the rows of vegetables. Free Sample

the garden fence has been in desperate need of repair for awhile. this was the year we finally got around to fixing it. it was essentially poultry wire around 4 inch wood posts. the wire was only 4 feet tall, and then we had brightly colored baling twine ran around the top for extra height to deter deer. Free Sample

fence and gate for vegetable gardens to keep out animals and critters. with picture . as you can see, our property is surrounded by a lot of woods, and we have wild life to show for it. to build the fence around my vegetable garden, my husband started out putting in 8-foot posts, 4×4 inches or so around. Free Sample

fence animals from vegetable garden by jill potvin schoff . seven strands of wire are set every 12 inches and a combination of metal and wooden poles are used . a deer-proof vegetable garden plan (hubpages) this plan relies on a 4-foot plastic mesh fence, along with tightly spaced raised beds. the idea . Free Sample

just curious why you added the vertical boards (along side the posts) rather than just nailing the fencing to the inside of the posts and only having the horizontal boards for the . i just built a veggie garden using this method for the fencing and it worked out perfect . nice fence idea but using poison wood? Free Sample

garden fencing. save. i finally got around to upgrading our vegetable garden fencing this past weekend. for the past two years we protected the . i simply unrolled the wooden fencing, placed the wire fencing on top, and stapled it to the wooden fencing . hopefully we won't catch him gnawing on the fence posts. Free Sample