no maintenance fences in sri lanka

the option is cost effective, durable and sustainable, ranasinghe perera, head of the programme practical action in sri lanka, told the bbc tamil service. & the initial cost of planting the palmyra fence is very little, it has no maintenance cost after three years and survives for more than 100 years, he said. Free Sample

electric fences and trenches are two such barriers. the success or failure of such barriers depends on two aspects: (i) the location of the barrier; and (ii) long term maintenance to ensure that the barrier functions effectively. as i mentioned earlier, in the past sri lanka has been constructing such physical . Free Sample

the sri lanka program for forest conservation is devoted to research, education and extension of tropical forest conservation in southwestern sri lanka. it has several endowed programs .. zone 3: low-maintenance, more extensive tall-tree orchards, and timber trees. zone 4: e.g. woodlot, natural forest . Free Sample

poisoned, electrocuted, shot with guns just for trying to find a meal - can elephants and humans co-exist in sri lanka? . & they are clever and smart, he says, explaining that he now tries to clear the land around his fences so there is no stick or branch lying around. elephants have learned how to use these . Free Sample

the main livelihood of the majority of people in rural sri lanka is paddy farming. raiding of . however construction of permanent electric fences around paddy fields causes a problem in their maintenance and is detrimental to elephants.elephants tend to break such fences around fields where there are no people. Free Sample

effectiveness of electric fencing in sri lanka in mitigation of human elephant conflict: the role of social aspects.238 respondents and officers in dwlc regional offices. the study revealed that proper maintenance of the electric fences is the key factor for their effectiveness. the level of . Free Sample

currently, electric fencing has become the principal solution for human elephant conflict in sri lanka. all other solutions implemented, as an alternative to electric fencing, practical action came up with an innovative, low cost, sustainable bio-fencing technologyto protect elephants and humans. it is cultivation of 4 rows of . Free Sample

wholesale dog kennels and fences by guardian fence suppliers in columbia sc. made in ... we've sent fencing supplies as far away as taiwan, sri lanka and the azores. who better to trust . if you're interested in a low maintenance, good-looking vinyl fence, contact guardian fence suppliers today - 803-254-0460. Free Sample

the first phase of a programme to electrify the suburban rail network around the sri lankan capital colombo will cost around $us 300m, according to a . colombo fort - veyangoda line, together with the procurement of a new fleet of emus and modernisation of stations and maintenance facilities. fencing . Free Sample