whats best decking that lasts

we all are under the impression that our decks will last forever; isn't that what pressure-treated lumber is all about? well, folks, wood is wood. to use a deck cleaner, always read the label; manufacturers do a lot of testing of their products and really know the best way to use the product. start by sweeping away all the, Free Sample

feb 25, 2015 , composite and tropical hardwood decks. tropical hardwoods and composite decking combat two of wood decks' biggest shortcomings: a short life span and high maintenance. these are some examples of the possibilities. deborah r. husofor chesapeake home + living. what if you could double your, Free Sample

dec 21, 2017 , the boards are cracking and peeling. been doing that for the last 3 or 4 years so i just noticed three or four boards more peeling. it's faded. it's no longer the brown we bought. it looks horrible. i know it's supposed to be a lifetime warranty so what can we do about it. it's ugly slippers in my foot. when i walk on, Free Sample

ideal for barbecues and sunset watching, a well-made deck can also increase the value of your home. but before you swing a hammer (or hire a contractor), decide what materials will best meet your needs. by abigail b. millwod. wood. pros: it's a classic. cedar, redwood, ipê, andpressure-treated southern yellow pine, Free Sample

aug 10, 2014 , it is critical to know what to expect when you're decking. and no matter what decking material you decide to use, know your options. that their new deck is made from composite material that is easy to care for, safer than traditional decking, and will last for decades without ever having to stain or paint it. Free Sample

feb 25, 2013 , it's a small house that we built ourselves on a lot of land. building a deck was as important to us as building the rest of the house. we needed a space we loved to be in, where we could bask in the beauty of all that nature surrounding us. figuring out what kind of material to use for the deck, however, turned, Free Sample

composite decking vitals. composite deck with curved edge and bench. view as slideshow. photo by suzie gibbons/gap photos/getty images. what's it cost? run-of-the-mill , doesn't really look like wood: some boards do a better job at mimicking wood than others, but a close look or touch gives them away. more: deck, Free Sample

find out what's best for your deck: cedar, redwood, southern yellow pine or composites. decking materials , they last for years. composite decking is a manmade product comprised of recycled wood fibers and polyethelyne. it comes in a variety of colors and has an appearance that is very similar to wood. unlike wood, Free Sample

i mean, will really last and still look good after several years. after living in the insane heat/sun of east texas, i have learned the hard way what paints are pretty much a waste of money and what paints will last through extreme sun and temperatures. nothing is more frustrating than to have to paint decking,, Free Sample

the most sensible wood is both low maintenance and highly resistant to moisture, which is particularly important for outside projects such outdoor furniture, decks, and balconies. the best woods for water resistance are hardwoods that have a straight grain and dense woods that prevent moisture from penetrating a structure, Free Sample

deck-staining-sealing if you do decide stain best suits your deck, be sure to buy the right one. there are water-based stains and oil-based stains. we recommended oil-based stains, in particular, for decks. this type of product offers better penetration and lasts longer. you also can get a mildew-resistant, Free Sample

what you should know… the pros: due to the nature of the wood's sap, cedar is naturally rot resistant and does not readily absorb moisture. cedar doesn't absorb moisture easily, making it less likely to warp or split over time. it lays flat and true! a cedar deck can last from 15 to 20+ years depending on, Free Sample

discover the benefits of both wood and composite decking options for your home. and wood. is one better than the other, and what is the upkeep and cost of each? , “it's been proven that high-quality, natural wood can stand the test of time, and it's always the best choice when it comes to building a long lasting deck.”, Free Sample

our most popular article, “what is the best deck stain” has quickly become the number one article on the web for asking questions and getting answers on , water based deck stains have come on rapidly in the last 4 years. oil-based semi-solid versions will penetrate and perform much better the water-based versions. Free Sample

which is the best decking material for a wood deck—cedar, pressure-treated or composite lumber? we compare their durability, appearance and cost. one homeowner told me, “yeah, my treated deck may last forever—but it's going to look bad forever, too.” we suggest you buy “choice,” “premium” or “select” treated, Free Sample