non slip floor maintenance

specialising in non slip floor treatment to help reduce slip falls accidents. we have anti slip treatment solutions for wet, slippery tiles, concrete, around pools, kitchens, bathrooms and other surfaces. Free Sample

bonasystems grip has advantages over both: the slip resistance produced by an etching process does not last and is extremely difficult to keep clean; bonasystems grip comes with a five-year guarantee. coatings will typically alter the aesthetics of the floor and will wear away over time; bonasystems grip is actually part of . Free Sample

at clean complete we will ensure your clients first impressions really count. we will provide your company with a high quality thorough immaculate clean every time. keeping work and social areas clean can manage a productive and contented working environment for your staff. we can work without disruption to your staff . Free Sample

advanced formulations technology has allowed the development of this specially formulated, one step, safety enhancing cleaner/maintainer. when used in a regular maintenance program, stand up cleans and helps floor the gloss of virtually any coating on any type of floor surface. most important, however, is its ability to . Free Sample

non-slip flooring, like altro, reduces the risk and dangers of slips and falls as the slip-resistant grains throughout offer excellent traction even when wet. nursing homes, restaurants, supermarkets, hospitals, sports centres, pools and spas are just a selection of facilities that often use non-slip flooring. due to . Free Sample

$55.00 – $175.00. concentrated floor cleaner after initial application(s) delivers one-step, non-slip treatment to vinyl floors without harming surface. starting with a clean floor, apply proclean ns multiple times allowing floor to air dry after each application and testing each time to determine if floor is suitably slip-resistant. Free Sample

non-skid anti slip floor cleaner by trusty-step for restaurants, commercial, residential and industrial use best slip resistant floor detergent for flooring surface. Free Sample

non-slip flooring increases the safety of any room. commonly found in high traffic areas of kitchens and bathrooms, they can quickly build up with dirt and grime. the texture of these floors may seem hard to clean, but the build-up can be removed. get ready to put forth some effort and spend a little time restoring your floors . Free Sample

professional cleaning and maintenance method advice - mosa. which has not been completely removed can result in stubborn, hard-to-remove dirt with daily use. removing the cement residue completely and properly promotes the ease of maintaining a tile floor in daily use and preserves its original appearance. anti-slip tiles and textured tiles. anti-slip tiles and textured tiles require . Free Sample

anti-slip floor treatment, along with testing is the most important service we offer. our team has treated literally thousands of commercial and industrial floors with our patented non-slip 21 formula (aka ns21). Free Sample

floor cleaner #71378. anti-slip cleaner and application suitable for many varieties of floors including: ceramic tile | quarry tile | concrete | brick | painted or sealed floors | vinyl | wood | marble and more. general use cleaner formulated to clean and slip treat. dries to a matt finish. can be buffed. highly concentrated. Free Sample