alternative to teak boat decking

perhaps it's possible to make a good cover but even this adds to the cost. the alternative is to put the boat in a shed somewhere. anything is possible but it always costs. replacing a teak deck is a massive job. to replace the decks on a 9m (30ft) boat is six weeks' work – three months for a 15m (50-footer). Free Sample

dek-king 2g premium synthetic teak boat decking is 30% cooler and 32% lighter in weight than its traditional synthetic counterpart. dek-king synthetic teak marine decking is the ultimate alternative to the traditional teak decking that we all know and love. over 40 years of british manufacturing and design experience have . Free Sample

our process has practically displaced the hand laying of teak decks altogether, and we continue to innovate and evolve our process, products and services. with tds, you'll enjoy green alternatives to the best in structures and designs. then: originally developed in 1979 to provide enthusiastic boat owners who had basic . Free Sample

when searching for the best materials available to use for building your new yacht deck look no further than our traditional teak decking and our new synthetic teak decking known as flexiteek from yacht deck. whether you are remodeling your interior or exterior deck the possibilities are endless with this . Free Sample

teak decks on boats are very expensive in both materials and labor. a quick estimate for a custom marine teak deck is $150-175 per square foot for the top end. if you like the look and feel of a teak deck then you may want to look at the many man made teak deck alternatives which are cropping up on the . Free Sample

i have been doing a bit of research on teak substitutes for boat decking and have found several, but i have not heard from anyone that has actually used one of the substitutes. and i'm referring to real woods like camaru, ipe, even purpleheart and other real woods. not the fake teaks. my son just picked up . Free Sample

talk to your exterior decking supplier. i see this..ogabooga & ? or whatever its called used in many restaurants terrace's.tight straight grain, limited checking.looks like the perfect stuff for imitation teak trim. dont think id try a teak deck with it.all these woods are heavy and dense, your boat might capsize. Free Sample

tek-dek is a superb alternative to wooden decking that is ideal for boats. tek-dek looks and feels like real teak but is practically maintenance free, fully uv stabilised, stain resistant and has superb non-slip qualities. Free Sample

flexiteek was designed as an alternative to real teak for boat decks however it's proved to be much more than that. flexiteek is hard wearing, easy to clean with low maintenance and it can even be sealed just like a wooden floor. we've done terraces, spas, offices, pools, cars, lifts, bathrooms, patios, walls!, restaurants, . Free Sample

“flexiteek” is a synthetic teak panel made of composite materials and is 100% recyclable. its non-slip quality is superb and on first viewing or touching you will think it is nothing other than real teak. flexiteek decking will not fade, dry out, split or crack and requires minimal maintenance. a greener and cheaper alternative to . Free Sample

decking product post: before article: building a deck ideas. next article: chinese wholesale composite decking · best exterior wall panel alternatives to teak for boat deck . Free Sample

quote from the early days of flexiteek news: “a greener and cheaper alternative to teak decking was unveiled at the southhampton boat show by golden arrow marine. flexiteek is a strip plank made out of recycled plastic, but has a similar look to the real thing. the plastic used is fire–resistant to class 0 . Free Sample