lp smartside strand and fiber difference

both fiber cement (hardieplank) and lp smartside siding are outstanding siding products, however there are some differences you should be aware of. the information in this article is based on many years of my experience in the houston texas metro area, and as the owner of texas home exteriors. Free Sample

get the facts about the key differences between james hardie® lp® smartside® . james hardie® dominated market share because their name was now being used as the universal term for any fiber cement product during this era with little competition and consumers were raving about their product. Free Sample

lp smartside strand lap siding compared to a competitive fiber cement lap siding product installed on ½ osb board secured to pine studs . all lp smartside products feature the same transferable limited 5-year labor/50-year warranty, unlike other siding brands that may have different warranties for various siding and . Free Sample

this treatment is not just the edges, it is every single strand it is even rated to be installed back side up if that is the look you are going for! after soaking this siding in water for 4 years, there has been absolutely zero decay as well. different than fiber cement products, lp is considered a dry product, so it . Free Sample

lp building products' smartside line of siding and trim is made up of wood strands that are coated with a resin binder and compressed to create a board of superior strength . fiber cement has been around for nearly a century and, like engineered wood siding, has certain advantages over natural wood. while it was once . Free Sample

lp® smartside® 7/16" x 6" x 16' smooth fiber lap siding delivers all the warmth and beauty of traditional wood, plus the durability and workability of treated engineered wood. our proprietary smartguard® manufacturing process helps our products resist fungal decay and termites and backed by an industry leading . Free Sample

lp (louisiana pacific) smartside came into the marketplace in 1997 with barely a blip on the radar. lp had just gone through the fiasco of their earlier oriented strand board (osb) siding product, inner seal, which had major problems. it was plagued with rot and swelling, and once that process started the . Free Sample

lp® smartside® products are available in two similar types of engineered wood substrates to achieve distinctly different looks. both strand and fiber substrates incorporate our proprietary smartguard® process to enhance strength and offer protection against termites and fungal decay. however, strand substrates are better . Free Sample

we'll uncover the differences between the two and explain which one fits your project requirements better. lp smartside siding. via upside to smartside. note: this guide assumes a basic knowledge of fiber cement siding. if you'd like to back up a step, our extensive list of consumer guides on this material . Free Sample

however, there are also distinct differences that set one product apart from the other. fiber cement is made of a mixture of wood fiber and portland cement, while engineered wood uses wood strands combined with a resin binder for strength. use of resin instead of cement makes lp canexel engineered . Free Sample

lp smartside building products deliver all the warmth and beauty of traditional wood, plus the durability and workability of engineered wood. building products include trim, fascia, cedar shakes, lap, soffit, and panels. Free Sample

cost of lp smartside vs hardie plank. one of the biggest reasons many builders and homeowners choose lp siding over hardie is the significant cost difference. across the us, lp . since lp is made of wood strands and resins, its more impact resistant than hardie plank, which is made of cement. it is the . Free Sample

different sizes in smooth and textured finishes, lp smartside enhances the curb appeal of new and remodeled homes. plus, it's the perfect . for more information on the complete line of lp smartside lap siding, download the lp smartside product catalog or product installation instructions for fiber or strand. Free Sample