build a flower box with

today's tutorial is how to build a flower box planter. window boxes or flower boxes are the perfect way to spruce up a plain house or add some style to a fixer upper. they look great from the street and they look pretty from indoor as well, which is a huge bonus when it's too hot to work outside like it is here in fl this time of . Free Sample

4 jan 2017 . create a true gardenscape by moving your plants beyond the pot. create your own planter boxes with these free online designs. i searched the internet to try and find a planter box to match just about any urban homestead and found some really great projects. Free Sample

and while i'm not a carpenter by any means, and i encourage all of you carpenters to add your recommendations in the comments section below so we can improve upon this version, i thought i'd show you how i did it, in case you want to take matters into your own hands too one day, and make a planter for . Free Sample

this was a quick and easy project, and i absolutely love how it turned out! every time i come home, i admire my planters! and the best part is, they are so inexpensive to make! for the cost of a store bought planter, you could line your driveway with diy cedar planters! i estimate this project will cost around $20 to build using . Free Sample

being made of brick, this diy. planter will stand the test of time and become a permanent landscaping feature you'll be proud of for years to come. find out how with bunnings. Free Sample

in order to make a 3' long planter box for salad leaves, you only need three of 8 foot 1x4 surfaced pieces of redwood. a circular saw, a tape measure and an electric drill are the tools required. in order to put the pieces together you may need some bolts. when finished, it will become one of the best wooden . Free Sample