attaching pergola to deck

there are several ways to attach a pergola to a deck but they all depend on the size of your pergola and the construction of your deck. if possible, a pergola anchored to a footing is best. cutting out the deck to allow the pergola posts to reach a footing anchors is ideal. Free Sample

if the weight of a pergola is going to threaten the structure then the deck should be rebuilt. (there is a danger, though, of the pergola being torn off in a high wind and causing collateral damage. Free Sample

hello, i've always reserched this site for answers, but this is the first time for posting a thread. hubby i have built a deck, free standing, and now want to add a , Free Sample

simple deck pergola "a simple structure, such as this pergola attached to a deck, makes an otherwise-ordinary outdoor space special. deck pergola (ideas for your new deck! these attached pergola designs define space, add shelter, and blur the line between indoors and out. use these creative ideas as inspiration for your own pergola addition. Free Sample

if so, i would suggest that you start by looking at the simpson strong-tie bc40 post base for wood to attach the pergola post to the deck. this connector is available with standard galvanization or zmax® galvanization which offers extra corrosion resistance for outdoor or treated-wood applications. Free Sample

i've been having trouble coming to a conclusion on whether i can reasonably build/mount a pergola to my existing 8'x12' deck. the main issue is i can't attach it to , Free Sample

[help] how to attach posts for pergola to upper deck : diy - reddit sep 12, 2014 , my thought is to extend the posts up top and create a pergola like front. i then want to put cast iron piping on the back and attach outdoor fabric. Free Sample

discover thousands of images about deck pergola on pinterest, a visual bookmarking , attachment pergolas roof, decks and pergolas, pergolas stands, metals roof,vinyl pergolas attached to house | this white vinyl pergola kit was attached to the house wall with a . ideas for building a pergola on and existing deck. Free Sample

when attached to a home, deck, doorway, or garage, a pergola can serve as a beautiful element that connects and intrigues. use these stylish pergola designs as , Free Sample

pergolas are structures that provide shade over a deck or a patio during the summer months. a pergola can be a free standing structure or you can construct one that attaches to, pergolas are structures that provide shade over a deck or a patio during the summer months. Free Sample

attaching a post mount to a deck - youtube. oct 6, 2014 , here is an example of heartland pergolas' animated installation series. this video specifically goes , Free Sample

the ultimate how to guide for properly mounting pergolas to any surface, including decks,properly mounting pergolas to , would attach the pergola to wood , Free Sample