moved into house with composite deck

we actually even put an offer on a house partially because of its awesome composite deck back when we were house hunting.we both grew up with wood decks and remember our parents sealing them every few years (sometimes with our help) and also talked to close friends of ours (who bought a . Free Sample

if you've ever scrubbed mold, mildew, dust and dirt from your formerly pristine deck, or, worse yet, had to replace a rotten board or an entire deck surface, you'll be pleased to know there's a low-maintenance, long-lasting option out there: composite decking. whether you're planning a new deck or ready to replace an . Free Sample

in case we ever moved into a plan box house, i would add this porch a huge deck off the back similar to this.would work well in the step from the back door to the side of the house where the larger part of the deck will be. find this .. two-toned composite decking ground-level deck with painted beetle kill pine pergola. Free Sample

the challenges with installing deck posts include keeping each post: square with the house; square with all other posts; the right distance from the house; notched at the proper height to support the beams and joists, ensuring an adequate slope away from the house. the crew moved the first post into place . Free Sample

with factories running 24 hours a day to meet demand, makers of plastic-based building materials such as decking, fencing, and siding are moving into the mainstream at warp speed. are these products the answer to our durability woes, or merely a fresh face shaking up an old business? Free Sample

a professional deck builder explains the pros and cons of natural wood versus man-made composites for deck materials to help you estimate cost and . but if you're going to hire someone then it would be worthwhile to factor that future cost into your decision at the time when the deck is being installed. Free Sample

if you just moved into a house with an old deck, or have lived in the same house with the same old deck for years, it might be time to consider a change. fortunately, updating an old deck is not as difficult as you might think. there are a number of ways to have your deck looking new and feeling stable . Free Sample