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under the shade while chatting with your family and bbq-ing . it is a gorgeous pergola that is meant to be attached to your deck. basically, you create a rounded seating area to your deck and then place a pergola over it. Free Sample

deck then picking up the bait to put it into the tank is even worse. empty the net into the tank if possible. use a butter knife to remove fish from bait jigs. slip the dull side of the knife under the . Free Sample

make sure traps are scent-free and flush to the ground, and set in the shade. 3) relocate any trapped skunk at least 10 miles from capture site. 4) if you have skunk living under a deck, shed, or other structure, install an exclusion barrier - steel mesh around the perimeter, and down at least 12 into the ground, with bottom of . Free Sample

it's no secret that shad is one of the best baits (if not the best) for catching blue catfish but catching shad can be a bit cumbersome if your not experienced locating and catching them or throwing a cast net. one of the simplest ways to be successful is to make sure your using the right tools for the job (you've . Free Sample

these live bait tank tips will help make sure your bait stays healthy aboard your boat . resist the temptation to install your primary livewell in the bow area, as this section tends to bounce the most while under way. you might . these below-deck livewells are known as slammers on the west coast. Free Sample

build a pergola for shade in your yard, your garden or over your deck . you can use thicker or thinner planks, or even peeled poles you've foraged. (for instructions on how to build a pergola using logs and poles, see "how to build a pergola using peeled poles" below.). Free Sample

keep your stack of firewood from getting damp by building this simple enclosure . the solution is a simple shed. i designed the one you see . crosscut the remaining joists and fasten them, as noted in the diagram, with joist hangers, joist hanger nails, 16d common nails, or 3½-inch deck screws. crosscut . Free Sample

below, in additional information, is the materials list and construction drawings for the shed with a front porch, july/august 2012. these are pdf files tha. Free Sample

how to build a foundation and frame a floor for a garden shed. construct a sturdy . for this shed foundation, i'm going to set concrete blocks atop pads of compacted gravel. i use a . joist hangers or other metal connectors aren't necessary because these joists rest on top of the 4×4 below. let me show . Free Sample