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raw materials for composite materials producing, components: resins, additives, thermoplastics, carbon fiber etc.;; reinforcing materials and modifiers;; glass fiber, carbon fibre reinforced plastic, basalt plastic, wood-polymer composites (wpc), artificial stone, artificial marble, metal composites. Free Sample

company founded in 2009. prepreg-acm is the biggest producer of polymer composite materials in russia. the company is producing wide range of unidirectional, bidirectional woven and non-woven fabrics and tapes, multiaxial fabrics and prepregs. our products are used in wind . Free Sample

russia has surprised the airline industry by announcing the successful test flight of a new medium range passenger plane. irkut corporation, itself owned by . the firm claimed the new plane is superior to existing rivals, highlighting its extensive use of polymer composite materials. the plane maker also . Free Sample

company in russia, has launched a pilot production plant for wood-plastic composites (wpc) in ulyanovsk, russian federation, which will be called gs composite. the gs composite flagship products are granulated wood-plastic composites and finished products made by . Free Sample

russian industry in the sphere of polymer composite materials.creating new materials,unique structures and technologies,the holding company rt-chemcompositerealizes batch manufacturing of high-technology products for space,aviation,energy industries,surface and water . Free Sample

experimental method of temperature and strain discrimination in polymer composite material by embedded fiber-optic sensors based on femtosecond-inscribed fbgs. victor v. shishkin, vadim s . inversion sensor co., ltd., 106 25 oktyabrya street, perm , russia all-russian scientific . Free Sample

the conference will be attended by representatives of federal and regional executive authorities, delegates from some russian companies, and also oil and gas companies, which are the potential consumers of polymer composite products. the event will be held within the framework of the main event . Free Sample

polymer composites in russia. one of our key tasks is the creation of the full-cycle production of goods made of polymer-composite materials, from the production of materials to the final product. combining previously separate federal state unitary enterprises in the holding company "rt-chemcomposite" allowed not . Free Sample

company galen - composite materials and basalt fiber technologies. galen is a russian developer producer of modern composite materials made of basalt - and glass fiber reinforced polymer which are used in construction, mining highway industries. as the first introducer of basalt materials in russia, western . Free Sample

russia - nanotechnological composites center. company news. stay up to date with company news. job opportunities. discover new job . composite materials, polymer composite materials, fiber reinforced plastic, polymer, certification, r d, infusion, contact moulding, pultrusion, injection . Free Sample

russian industries . the nanotechnology center for composites"("ncc") presented a prototype of a charging cover made of polymer composites at expo 1520, the iv international salon of equipment and technology . Free Sample

company's development. the demand for engineering thermoplastics in russia created a solid base for the expansion of the company into the production of composite materials. while actively participating in the development of the engineering . Free Sample

company . galen will produce four polymer composite products to be used in the construction industry, mining, and road maintenance.galen is the first russian composites company to form patnerships with world renowned global composites market players such as top glass of italy and . Free Sample

rugasco, russia's first polymer-composite gas cylinder producer, launched in nizhny novgorod a little over a year ago, has already forged key export deals . firm has signed a cooperation agreement on the development of natural gas vehicles with the russian gazserviskompozit group of companies. Free Sample

according to russian officials, the country is looking to composite materials to help reduce noise and visibility from its fifth generation submarines. the russians hope to use composite materials for everything from the submarine's hull coating to the dive planes, rudders, stabilizers, propellers, drive shafts . Free Sample

polymer composites are widely used in the aerospace, nuclear, automotive, construction, and ship building industries, as well as for the construction of bridges and pipelines. umatex group, (brand name . a management company set up to create a market of composite materials in russia. comprises an r d centre and . Free Sample

composite resins and polymers, inc. (poliya) was founded in 1983 and specializes in developing and manufacturing polymers and composite resins. poliya's headquarters are located in istanbul, turkey with other poliya locations and manufacturing facilities in turkey and russia. as of 2013, poliya is listed in the . Free Sample