insulated exterior wood panels for house

wrapping a home with insulating sheathing saves energy and can be cost effective, but the design must consider a host of structural concerns including moisture, shear loads, nailing wood siding directly to foam doesn't work because nails have to be extra long to reach through the siding and foam to a solid nail base. Free Sample

a unique panelized system. a unique advancement of a sip (structural insulated panel) which reduces on-site construction time and provides a continuous 'nail free' bond from exterior to interior. each timber home features r-30 or r-36 (upgrade) insulation. learn about our genuine stacked wood construction . Free Sample

the photo shows a cut-away section of an exterior clt wall using a system that is common in some parts of europe. from left to right: 0.5-inch (1.27 cm) flame-retardant-treated wood siding: r 0.63; 1-inch (2.54 cm) wood fiber insulating sheathing r 1.7; 6 inches (15.24 cm) loose cellulose fiber insulation r . Free Sample

structural insulated panels. wood frame wall construction sip image image credit: postgreen. structural insulated panels, or sips, are another sandwich, made of polystyrene or polyurethane on the inside and osb (oriented strand board) on the outside. they can be made almost any thickness, and are . Free Sample

pests: insulation on the exterior may increase the chance of pest infestation. bugs don't eat foam, but they will burrow through it, searching for tasty wood pulp. exterior basement and siding foam board need protection against pest infestations. and what attracts the bugs? moisture. joe lstiburek recently . Free Sample

insulating the entire building envelope of your home saves money and improves can also add rigid foam insulation under the rafters, which adds r-value and eliminates thermal bridging through wood rafters.if you replace the exterior siding on your home, consider adding insulation at the same time. Free Sample