anti slip coatings for tiles

anti-slip treatment tile (ast-tile) is a process that alters the top surface of your tile to create a highly effective microscopic non-slip texture without introducing unsightly coatings, tapes or overlays. tiles become very slippery when wet and present a high risk of accident and injury contributing significantly to horror . Free Sample

anti slip flooring, non slip coatings and non slip floor tiles, effective cleaners and degreasers, safety tapes and much more. slip no more products exceed co-efficient of friction requirements for us and european industrial safety standards. we also boast approval for providing products that are . Free Sample

tiles when worn, wet or contaminated offer very little slip resistance and in swimming pools or shower areas etc. this can pose a serious safety issue. jse contract services have tried and tested many products over the years and try to find products that do not change the appearance of the surface, do not . Free Sample

anti slip finish, which includes anti slip paint for surfaces such as asphalt or concrete with a variety of uses, including chemically resistant paint. you can use the anti slip coating made from an epoxy resin formula for a hard wearing, long lasting non slip finish. use our anti slip tile paint to achieve non slip tiles and improve . Free Sample

coating process to ceramic tiles, pool decks, stone, spa flooring (marble), terrazzo, where others have failed. we first apply a 'tack' layer with our coating, we then broadcast durable nano beads specifically manufactured for national sealing for this application. we then 'sandwich' this non slip layer with a . Free Sample

non slip and anti slip treatment and slip-resistant floor products. we don't sell anti slip or non skid coatings or paint. instead, our unique process creates a coefficient of friction to ensure stability. slip tech can be applied to any existing natural stone such as ceramic, granite, or quarry tile . Free Sample

tile rescue anti-slip treatment penetrates the tile and is not a coating, we warrant the treatment for up to 5 years, providing that regular cleaning with recommended cleaning products is maintained. the treatment and maintenance cleaners also inhibit bacteria build-up. the anti-slip treatment will become less . Free Sample

anti slip tile treatments can prevent a careless step on your slippery tile floor leading to unwanted injuries and even hospitalization. there are plenty of solutions available to make the floor non slippery and prevent unwanted accidents. thanks to the anti slip coating, you can move easily anywhere across the floor without the . Free Sample

anti-slip treatment for those wanting to seal their tiles long term and prevent the surface from staining from oils, grease, blood, coffee and other contaminants. find out why anti slip treatment is the right choice for coating tiles and floors, as more and more councils . Free Sample

non slip coating, but rather a safe and effective process that works on most hard surfaces; ideal for use on porcelain, ceramic, quarry, honed stone, slate and more; use in bathtubs, showers, entryways, walkways, pool areas and kitchens or anywhere there is a stone, tile or . Free Sample