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materials to understand. use the siding calculator below to estimate siding costs per square foot and get a quick overall estimate. this estimator will give you a price range with 3 figures; low, industry average, and a high estimate. costs will vary . Free Sample

materials require almost no ongoing maintenance, but you'll pay a bit more for the convenience. less expensive materials can make a fine deck, but often require more maintenance, like regular cleaning and resealing to avoid rotting and color . Free Sample

materials, finishes, and appliances; excludes total constructed square feet (size of garage, bonus space, basement, crawlspace, porches); cost per square foot is based on finished (livable) square feet only; cost per square foot ignores local or . Free Sample

every framing work starts by estimating the lumber required for the job. essentially the majority of the wood needed will be 2" x 4 and 2" x 12". other than that you will need sheeting or siding material. a good estimating rule for stud counting is one stud per lineal foot. this fast estimating method will only . Free Sample

costs of building such as on a square foot basis and working out prices of materials for your build. estimate the cost of building a house, extension or loft conversion. Free Sample

cost to paint a wall starts at $0.85 - $2.05 per square foot, but varies significantly with common options. get real costs for your specific project requirements here. see the time to paint a wall, along with per unit costs and material requirements. see what trusted professionals include in job-winning estimates for wall . Free Sample

per sq. ft. this cost is true if you avoid the middle man, the general contractor. if you have time to accompany sub-contractors when buying their materials and to hunt them down when they don't show up in time or within the date they suppose to, go for it. also, being aware that all building permits are . Free Sample

sq. ft. basic, better, best. material prices, $120.00 - $192.00, $168.00 - $252.00, $240.00 - $336.00. installation cost, $252.00 - $384.00, $360.00 - $516.00, $504.00 - $648.00. total, $372.00 - $576.00, $528.00 - $768.00, $744.00 - $984.00. vinyl siding total average cost per square foot . Free Sample

material cost calculator. use this calculator to help figure out your cost for any substrate that comes in measured height and width. you can enter inches, feet or yards as units of measurement. for example, if you purchase a roll of vinyl for $20 that is 12 inches high and 5 yards long. the per square foot price you paid was . Free Sample

per square foot. "the 3 biggest things that decide the cost of your deck are the size of your deck, the material you choose, and the options you add to it." - john (owner). our average deck is around 400 square feet or 20' wide by 20' long. most houses are better suited for a more rectangular . Free Sample

costs vary with the individual contractor mark-up, geographic location and area labor costs. costs also fluctuate with material shortages, such as wood for framing trusses. the features you select determine your final building costs, but looking at the basic blueprint details offers a general per-square-foot estimate. Free Sample

around here you would pay at least $100/sq. ft. in actual materials. i am estimating from our costs, a friend who is a developer, and my brother in law whom is doing exactly what you are describing. its a long road with only two hands. i think you should perhaps budget for double that and if you can swing it . Free Sample

we are often asked about our competition's $38/square foot price and how they can do it. first, just to let you know, they really can't do it and . cost competitiveness for roofing, like many other aspects of a home, boils down primarily to the price of materials and labor. so, let's look at the products that are . Free Sample

a lot of contractors and designers will look at the cost per square foot for materials. it might not seem obvious, but the material cost per square foot is not the best metric when determining value. a more accurate way to gauge your options is often to compare the installed material cost. relative price . Free Sample