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lately i've been noticing a lot of newcomers on our forum and facebook page asking for advice on buying a boat. this got me thinking about how overwhelming it might be for someone who has no experience, but does know one thing for sure: boating is fun so they need to get a boat. i've decided to take this time and put . Free Sample

take a bowrider, stretch out the seating area in front of the windshield, or the “bow cockpit,” and you've got the template for the average deck boat, a craft that typically retains the fiberglass hull and nimble agility of a bowrider while increasing passenger space. deck boats maintain their width, “or beam”, farther forward, . Free Sample

pocket cruisers 26. cruisers 27. pontoon and deck boats 27. the importance of hull form 28. offshore mono hull shapes 28. bow flare and sheer lines 29. bottom shape 30. chine flats 31. keel boats 32. stability 32. trim 33 beam 35. freeboard 36. wet boat, dry boat 37. the fuel efficiency issue 37 Free Sample

1) deck hull stiffness this is the most critical aspect of buying a used laser, and it's a little hard to judge, but it's important to judge well. the stiffness of a laser's deck hull are similar to a car's odometer. start here for a general understanding of the boats condition. a boat can lie somewhere between 'stiff like new' or . Free Sample

in fact, somewhere among the 60-plus boat manufacturers featured in our 2018 boat buyer's guide, you'll probably find more than one “best boat” that can provide many seasons of . below deck, the 350 realm's cabin delivers considerable comfort and a double berth to accommodate overnight stays. Free Sample

boat buying guide encumbrance check.when it comes to buying a boat, boat selection is about knowing your own requirements.water sports: fishing boats, fish and ski boats, bass boats, stern drive cruisers, bowriders, closed bow runabouts, cuddy cabins, deck boats, inboard ski boats, inboard wakeboard . Free Sample

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this type of boat has arguably been one of the most popular over the past few years and is most certainly the model of choice among first-time buyers. open deck or “bowrider” models are extremely versatile and, above all, most of them remain very affordable. in fact, they allow many people to . Free Sample

learn which type of boat fits your lifestyle with larson's boat buyer's guide. we offer a wide variety of boats from all the major brands. stop in to see our selection. Free Sample

deck boats do a lot of things well, and when properly equipped, a deck boat can become a custom boat that takes fun to the next level. the following guide will provide buyers with the know-how to choose. Free Sample

tips on buying a used boat. you've been looking for your dreamboat now for months, you finally found it. what do i do next. so here are some tips that the ordinary person can use to check out his future boat. tools you'll need: ice pick, small ball peen hammer, wrench, digital camera. Free Sample

buyer$. toolbox. boat. nearly 90 million adults in the united states participate in boating each year – that's over a third of the adult population who enjoy getting out on the water. every year, nearly 1.5 million americans buy a new or used boat, ranging from large yachts to small cruisers to canoes. this guide is . Free Sample

by far, the most frequently asked question we get in our emails is the one by first time boat buyers asking about what brand they should buy. bewildered by literally . if the deck is going to pop loose from the hull because it was fastened with aluminum rivets, a quick glance at it will surely tell the story. but the new boat has a . Free Sample

buying guides. youboat aims to provide you with some information on some of our items, where there is some choice, and you aren't sure which product is best for you . this is a loop at the front of the jacket that allows you to clip on a safety line, for moving around on deck. a harness is not usually required for a motor boat. Free Sample