swimming pool in the balconies

witness this architectural nightmare and deadly accident waiting to happen: a 37-story, twin tower apartment building that has apartments with swimming pools instead of balconies. or balconies that are really swimming pools enclosed in glass. or. whatever. no matter what you want to call this, i would . Free Sample

architects have made a splash with a bold design for new towers in mumbai featuring swimming pools enclosed in glass instead of balconies. known as aquaria grande, the 37-storey skyscrapers were the result of a collaboration between hong kong-based architect james law and indian real estate . Free Sample

check out the new mumbai apartment complex the aquaria grande, with its floating balcony pools. designed by hong kong architect james law, the plans for this incredible dream residence actually have swimming pools in the place of balconies. Free Sample

glass balcony pools at aquaria grande residential tower in mumbai, india the beautiful aquaria grande residential towers, currently . will be equipped with one of the most stunning architectural feats when the project is completed, transforming standard balconies into swimming pools. Free Sample

conservatories, with a swimming pool, on a terrace or balcony, will enhance the quality of your housing and ensure sunshine in your house. we supply conservatories as a turn-key project, including structural designs, building permits, glazing, assembly or selection of plants. create an exclusive conservatory for yourselves. Free Sample

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homemade-balcony-swimming-pool.jpg. this is a shot of some intrepid young adventurer who decided to turn his apartment balcony into a pool, presumably with his help of his parents, which makes it all that more terrifying. some redditors estimated there's approximately 5,000 pounds of water already on . Free Sample

aquaria grande is an ambitious new collaboration between hong kong-based architect james law and indian real estate company wadhwa group which will see a residential complex with over 200 apartments, three levels of parking, a gym and sauna, and a sustainable podium garden coming to . Free Sample

the more money we have, the less we want to share space in our home with our partners - or at least that's the way it seems when you walk around the homes of the super-rich. where once having twin sinks seemed a sign of luxury, now his-and-hers bathrooms are the norm in high-end new homes and . Free Sample

the latest way that the super-rich are living better than all of us? they're getting swimming pools that also function as balconies. a planned 37-story apartment complex called the aquaria grande in mumbai, india will provide residents with the opportunity to enjoy a small swimming pool attached to their . Free Sample

want a condo with a glass-walled pool balcony? . thanks to pesche, who has a tropical beach themed balcony complete with tiki bar and holy shit when can i come over? . if you are fast enough you can slow down the falling swimming vertically in the falling water and land safely on your feet. Free Sample

a stay at this villa in santorini will give you gorgeous ocean views and a balcony that doubles as a private pool. the insider team believes that life is an . Free Sample