minimum slope for composition deck

shingle application on low slopes 2:12 to 4:12 - tab , - gaf roofing27 may 2011 , for low slopes, as well as any other slope, your local building department should be contacted. be sure all applicable building code requirements are met. for slopes of 2” up to but not including 4” per foot, a double layer of roof deck protection is required. gaf recommends: shingle-mate®, roofpro™, #15, Free Sample

three -tab shingles - certainteedat least 1⁄8" (3.2 mm) through the deck. nails must be 11- or 12-gauge roofing nails, corrosion-resistant, with at least 3⁄8" (9.5 mm) heads, and at least 1" (25 mm) long. low and standard slope. english. figure 10-3: use four nails for every full shingle. steep slope. use four nails and six spots of asphalt roofing, Free Sample

780 cmr 15.00 - mass.gov22 aug 2008 , asphalt shingles shall have the minimum number of fasteners required by , galvanized, stainless steel, aluminum or copper roofing nails, minimum , asphalt shingles shall be fastened to solidly sheathed decks. 1507.2.2 slope. asphalt shingles shall only be used on roof slopes of two units vertical in 12. Free Sample

roof assemblies and rooftop structures - international code councilof the roof deck, and additional slope has been provided to en- ,. than 6,000 square feet of projected roof area and where there is a minimum. 10-foot , 1508.2. 1508.2.1 deck requirements.asphalt shingles shall be fas- tened to solidly sheathed decks. 1508.2.2 slope. asphalt shingles shall only be used on roof slopes of, Free Sample

q: what is the minimum slope allowed for asphalt shingles? i have heard that asphalt shingles can be applied on a roof with a pitch as low as 2/12, as long as a rubberized asphalt eaves membrane is installed under the shingles. Free Sample

roofs shall be covered with materials as set forth in sections r904 and r905. class a, b or c roofing shall be installed in areas designated by law as requiring their use or when the edge of the roof is less than 3 feet (914 mm) from a lot line. classes a, b and c roofing required by this section to be listed shall be tested in, Free Sample

roof and roof covering - mass.govlisted in appendix a. 1505.2.3 steep-slope systems: the steep-slope roof coverings described in 780 cmr 1507.2 which are mechanically attached to the roof slab or deck in accordance with 780 cmr 1507.2.1 through 1507.2.9 shall resist the basic ight above grade and building exposure. exception: asphalt sh listed in, Free Sample

design of bridge deck drainage - federal highway administration21 may 1993 , 6.3.1 minimum scouring velocities for sand and grit. 6.3.2 inlet traps ,. spread should be examined where the slope is relatively flat at either side of the low point of a sag vertical curve to , analyze a bridge deck with a composite gutter cross section, such as shown in figure 1, or deal with significantly, Free Sample

seattle sdci – seattle building code, chapter 15 , - seattle.govthe minimum roof coverings installed on buildings shall comply with table. 1505.1 based on the type of construction of the building. exception: skylights and ,. 1507.2.1 deck requirements. asphalt shingles shall be fastened to solidly sheathed decks. 1507.2.2 slope. asphalt shingles shall only be used on roof slopes of, Free Sample

the minimum pitch for a roof is 1/4:12, which translates to 1/4 inch rise to 12 inches of run. however, you can only use this pitch with built-up roofing or specialized synthetic roofing. covered porches that are near trees or in areas with heavy rains should not use a low-slope roof to avoid trapping debris and water on the roof, Free Sample

pinnacle® pristine general instructions , - atlas roofingroof deck. these instructions are for the application of atlas asphalt shingles to nominal 7/16" thick american. plywood association (apa/teco) rated, code approved plywood, osb decks or minimum ¾" actual thickness, wood decking . the plywood or non-‐veneer (osb) decks must comply with the roof deck. Free Sample

windstorm roofing requirements - coastal building inspectionssee figure 2 for general installation. ➉ roof slope: asphalt shingles shall only be used on roof slopes of 2 units vertical in 12 units horizontal (2:12) or greater. ➉ fasteners shall not be overdriven or crooked. see figure 3. roof deck sheathing: ➉ roof deck shall be minimum 7/16” osb (15/32” plywood). ➉ shall be nailed, Free Sample

be aware that, for this reason, asphalt roofing manufacturers require a minimum of 1/4" slope per foot to prevent any possibility of ponding. this section provides a brief overview of the primary roof deck, air barrier, vapor retarder, insulation, and roof covering materials used in the u.s. for further, Free Sample

product specification – master - sweets constructionis not approved. 2. roof deck must be dry, minimum 25/32” thick, maximum 6” wide boards, or apa , b. astm d 226 – standard specification for asphalt-saturated organic felt used in roofing and. waterproofing... a. in the north, and on all roofs between 2/12 and 4/12 (low slopes) install weatherlock® eaves protection, Free Sample