do cajun bass boat have composite floor

feb 16, 2009 , if i do get trapped in a cajun conversation, the first question is "does it say travis on it?" if so, it's crap, if not it's probably a decent hull. tempers do flare, and egos are dreadfully damaged, but it's just facts. when you run your hand under the front deck, or under the floor of a travis boat and find bare plywood? Free Sample

used it on our 1974 17' cajun bass boat and worked like an absolute charm!!! whole transom , i hope i never have to rebuild a transom again, but if i do, my first action will be to place an order with you. great product at a , underneath, i found that the transom wood was rotted out back to the stringer and floor. (see the, Free Sample

60 mph @ 5500 rpm gps. "i replaced the stringers and floor this year. used seacast for stringers and transom. love my cajun!" firemech048 - fl. 86 cajun ,. 80's cajun brute 89 85 forec, "does anyone have a picture of their cajun brute? this is a project boat. love the way it handles!" finicky - ky. 91 cajun 195 Free Sample

big "o" boats are hand crafted with only the finest materials. our bass and flats boats contain absolutely no wood. all construction is either fiberglass or composite materials. since we have no wood in our boats, damage caused by dry rot and warping is eliminated. its our intention to build you a boat that will last a lifetime,, Free Sample

great video, started a new channel we're i do boat repairs and flip boats. sns=em´╗┐. read more. show less , it looks just like your boat. my husband seems to think he can just put another layer over the existing rotted floor which has mold, i say no! you dont, Free Sample

aluminum boat fishing conversation and restoration. fishing shirtsfishing boatsbass fishingfishing tipsice fishingprojects to tryboat restorationjon boatboat building. epilog challenge vi: i have entered this into the epilog challenge please vote on it if you like the build. i would use the laser to help me with some . Free Sample