replace my deck floor want way waterproof

hg\one of the projects that my wife and i are hoping to attack this summer is the flooring on our front porch. i haven't seen a whole lot of this kind of porches in our area, and the two contractors we've talked to aren't 100% sure of the best way to tackle it. Free Sample

deck and apply stain or sealer. then follow the steps to . beading on sealed deck. a water test is the easiest way to ensure that the wood can absorb sealer or finish . make sure to drive in any popped nails first or even better, replace them with deck screws. watch our video: how . Free Sample

deck guy®. how often do i need to service my deck? how long should i wait until i weatherproof a new deck? what type of finish should i use on my deck? should i have my . why is the floor lighter than the railings? . my deck is getting old and i am tired of maintenance, but don't want to rebuild, what can we do? Free Sample

decks, like this one, can be rejuvenated for a lot less than the cost of replacement. following are some . for tackling tough stains, use a pressure washer (about $70 a day), which is the best way to remove sun-damaged wood fibers and tackle scrub-resistant stains. graf recommends using a . Free Sample

floor and top hand rail put up on my deck early fall last year, the other part of the deck is still the original and in good shape but is painted. i want to paint the entire deck to make it match up; however, how long do i need to wait before i can paint. it has been raining the past 2 days but has stopped and isn't . Free Sample

decking is a good alternative to the traditional materials used to build a deck . marine plywood is seven to eight layers thick, and the epoxy used to bind the layers is waterproof. on top of that, the . sometimes you just want to get the deck built and done. Free Sample

of all the structures in the world, the traditional wooden deck may well be my favorite . i even love the way a real wooden deck weathers over time. nothing . paint has quite a few benefits over the other finish options such as stain or sealer, but it may not be for you if you want a natural looking wood deck. Free Sample

composite wood decking | artificial grass | tile | brick | concrete | rubber | foam | carpet . composite decks, like vinyl floors, bring you realistic wood looks without any of the hassle. okay, that last part might be a bit dramatic, but that doesn't change the fact that turf is, like, my dream come true! Free Sample