vinyl fence anchor for concrete

the 5.5 in. x 5.5 in. x 6 in. vinyl fence post concrete mount features innovative design. this comes with durable, low-maintenance vinyl construction. it includes mounting hardware for convenient installation. Free Sample

make sure you order shorter, above ground posts for your fence. you'll need to drill holes into the concrete that will fit the rebar. insert the rebar into the vinyl fence post and then anchor the post to the concrete using the rebar. make sure your holes, and the rebar extending down from the post are at least 4-inches for, Free Sample

fence designs support a certain amount of stress. you can get the most strength out of your fence by anchoring the buried part of the fence posts with concrete. unfortunately, these anchors make the job of moving a fence post later a bit of a task. moving a vinyl fence post anchored with concrete means, Free Sample

wambam's system is great for installing a vinyl fence post on a surface such as a patio, driveway, or other concrete slab. there are few options. 1. purchase our surface mounting flange instead of our anchor systems. for more information, see page 16 of the murphy's vinyl fence laws guide or check out this online, Free Sample

because vinyl fencing is made with its color all the way through the vinyl, there is never a reason to paint the fence. installing a vinyl fence generally requires attaching posts to cement footings. occasionally it may be necessary to mount one end of the vinyl fence to a concrete structure, rather than sinking a post. in either, Free Sample

vinyl post mounts. browse our selection of vinyl post mount kits below for the highest quality accessories at a great price. 5″ x 5″ x 54″ concrete post mount price: $65.00. the 5″ x 5″ concrete mount includes red-head concrete anchors and the base trim. the unit is 4.5′ tall and you use a hammer drill to drill the, Free Sample

find out how to use fence post anchors, fence post spikes and fence post menders for your vinyl or wood fence post project. whether you are a fence contractor or , you won't need to remove the broken post or concrete, our system can fix fence posts while still in the ground. example wood fence post repair project that can, Free Sample

post mount is a post surface mount designed for installing a 4” post to concrete, wood and composite decking. post mount is designed with an adjustable leveling feature to ensure accurate installation. made from q235 steel with a dachromate coating for superior rust prevention in even the most severe environments. Free Sample

you are now ready to get your fence assembled. you will need to make sure that your fence post at the end is going to be flush against the wall of concrete that you are mounting it to. it is a good idea for you to go ahead and get treated 2 x 4 boards fit and cut to go along the inside bottom of your vinyl fence post. make sure, Free Sample

any wambam vinyl fence or aluminum fence can be mounted to a wood, or concrete surface using our vinyl surface mounts or ornamental aluminum surface , for concrete please secure to concrete with 3/8 x 3” long wedge or sleeve anchors. do not use concrete or blue screws. for wood if you have access under your, Free Sample

option 2: drill directly through concrete. if concrete is less than 4in. thick, you may want to attempt drilling directly through it as illustrated below. a. mark holes for drilling. b. use a 1-5/8in. concrete drill bit (vinyl anchors) or 1in. concrete drill bill (aluminum anchors), extension if needed, and a concrete hammer drill. Free Sample

setting a vinyl post on a concrete surface. this is one method, among many, to set a hollow vinyl post on a concrete pad or sidewalk. it could be used for fence posts, hand rail or porch columns. we have shorter posts for our fences for this purpose. specify "above-ground" installation when ordering. there are also special, Free Sample