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portable helicopter landing mats designed for vietnam have been reused to build large sections of the usmexico border wall. the army . 18 august. available at: (accessed 2 december 2014). Free Sample

building works. before undertaking building works, make sure you are protecting neighbouring properties, council assets, and have compliant fencing or hoarding in place. Free Sample

the us military sought to build a virtual fence dividing north and south vietnam. and in the process they helped to invent the . there were even chemical sensors, most notably the people sniffer which was designed to detect human sweat and urine. each of these sensors posed its own problems. Free Sample

uncle's house, vietnam, 3 atelier, interior garden, natural ventilation, green architecture. the architects at 3 atelier designed the tranquil home for their uncle and his family. the idea for the house emerged during the construction of another of the firm's projects located in di linh highland. while selecting . Free Sample

built of bamboo is envisioned by h p architects as a flexible design that can withstand floods in their native vietnam. find this . jali design inspirational series is a weekly showcase of incredible furniture designs from all around the world . modern privacy fence ideas for your outdoor space. Free Sample

grills screen the windows of this house in vietnam, which has been designed by sanuki daisuke architects to make the most of the site's little natural light . "houses in the hem are usually covered by fences or smoke glass for security, privacy and shading. as a result, the houses look like cages," they . Free Sample

vietnam to monitor infiltration of men and supplies from north vietnam, laos and cambodia, and to permit . built by the united states, although the arguable point is made that the berlin wall was designed to keep people in while this wall would be designed to keep . Free Sample

a plan to build a barrier to seal off south vietnam from the north was rejected as ridiculously expensive in the 1960s . rather than an actual wall or fence, the jasons advised developing something akin to a virtual barrier made up of acoustic and seismic sensors linked to a command-and-control computer . Free Sample

this is the much promised, and so far undelivered, "virtual" fence. built by boeing and employing buried sensors and camera towers all linked to central control centers, sbinet is designed to detect and track border crossers and automatically dispatch field agents to intercept. the problem? at least $1.1 . Free Sample

the international school ho chi minh city (ishcmc) is a new secondary school designed by bogle architects, providing teaching facilities for over 900 stude . pocket gardens sit at the base of the light wells on the lower levels, and bring greenery into the building to enhance the students' wellbeing. Free Sample

build a bamboo fence | how to make bamboo fencing . a small structure entirely built of bamboo is envisioned by h p architects as a flexible design that can withstand floods in their native vietnam. find this pin and . wood privacy fence ideas | fence fencing, privacy fences diy building, home tips. Free Sample

build a fence . tips for planning, designing and constructing a wood privacy fence . you may build a 6-ft. high privacy fence only to find that the next-door neighbors can easily see over when they're lounging on their deck. Free Sample