charge per linear feet for labor painting exterior trim

how to estimate the cost of interior house painting . $100 in paint plus $200 in labor, we would want to charge about $ . for trim we do about $1 per linear foot. Free Sample

average cost of interior painting.trim-total length, condition of windows, condition of body, condition of trim, cost of paint . (.50 per foot for labor) . Free Sample

cost to paint baseboards calculate 2017 prices, labor materials. 58 per foot (360 feet; scraped and painted one coat). 00 per lineal foot for average cost to paint a board fence is about $4. 25 per sqof total (bid including both material and labor) material cost x 4,5,6 or 7, 2 coats $. Free Sample

for example, a window trim is 5×5. that’s about 20 feet of linear trim. if the house is 30 feet wide, the first story of fascia is probably 30 feet. add up the total linear feet of trim and divide by 40 feet to get the hours. we plan to paint trim at 40 feet per hour. if you have 300 feet of trim on the house, then that would be 7.5 hours of work. Free Sample

cost to paint exterior trim - calculate 2014 prices, labor, materials. discover how much it cost to paint exterior trim to get fair bids for your projects. Free Sample

that would include materials and labor, it breaks down to 150 linear feet of caulk per tube, 500 linear feet of paint per gallon, sanding labor and painting labor.. divided into a per foot cost. same with a door, special doors like exterior wood, would cost more as would double doors. Free Sample

figures how much it cost to paint the interior for 2017 with . to high amounts with average costs per square foot for . painting cost options: yes no: trim . Free Sample

how to calculate price per . knowing how to calculate price per square foot for house painting is . how much does it cost per square foot to paint the exterior . Free Sample

exterior vinyl 1 trim costs approximately $2-$3 per linear foot unpainted, depending on the quality of the trim and not including installation costs. for a home that is 2500 sq.ft., it would require approximately 830 feet of external linear trim. the total cost for materials would be between $1660 and $2490. Free Sample

how much do businesses usually charge per foot for painting interior and exterior? . for trim, i would charge about $1.20 per linear foot if the trim is from three . Free Sample

totals - cost to paint trim molding average cost per linear foot for a basic project in zip code 47474 with 250 linear feet, the cost to paint trim molding starts at $0.98 - $2.45 per linear foot. Free Sample

the price for painting exterior trim varies widely based on the style and amount of trim, but an average cost is $1 per linear foot, meaning a 1500 square foot home with 500 linear feet of trim will cost around $500. Free Sample

132 linear feet: $78.35: $201.67: exterior trim painting labor, basic basic labor to paint exterior trim with favorable site conditions. prep up to 1 hr per 100lf - remove loose paint, spot prime and caulk edges, gaps. roll / brush 2 coats of paint. includes planning, equipment and material acquisition, area preparation and protection, setup and cleanup. Free Sample