wedding dance floor alternatives

i'm having a field wedding and i found this diy dance floor that i am going to build for my wedding. but instead of black and white checkers i'm going to paint it to go with a fall themed wedding and apply a monogram to the middle of the floor. find this pin and more on kimberlys wedding by sueinak. this step by step tutorial . Free Sample

then gather all your single girl friends out on the dance floor and surprise them with a breakaway bouquet instead. & many individual flowers or wrapped portions of the toss bouquet are tied together with a string, which the bride surreptitiously removes before tossing the bouquet, explains lynn jawitz, . Free Sample

4 jun 2013 . a professional dj is a good alternative, but they can also be expensive. i think you see where i'm going with this. i'm about to tell you that you might be a candidate for a do-it-yourself ipod/laptop dj'ed wedding. and if you are, the dance floor will be packed all night by following these tips. see more. Free Sample

i think it's totally fine to do something different if you don't want to set up a dance floor. the gaming area is a brilliant way to bring things into the 21st century for those that would be interested. for those who think everyone will leave if there's no dancing, point out that at most weddings, there's always a big group of guests . Free Sample

my fiancé and i are planning a 100ish-person wedding for early june and are going back and forth on the issue of a dance floor (our venue has a small one available if we want.or not if we don't). neither of us enjoy dancing, and i actively hate it. my family won't dance, and my friends probably won't either. Free Sample

this sneaky alternative brings all your guests onto the dance floor to celebrate your marriage – while the two of you get the opportunity to sit back and relax. your best man would invite all the couples that support and want to celebrate your marriage to stand-up and make their way to the dancefloor for the . Free Sample

for most people, fun includes dancing to a live band or a dj. eventquip offers many dance floor alternatives to get your guests up and moving! here are some considerations and information to help you when deciding which dance floor is best for you. general dance floor considerations. 1. approximately . Free Sample

what are the alternatives to the dollar dance? if you want to do the dollar dance, but you think it might offend some of your guests who aren't familiar with the tradition you have some options. you could invite everyone to the dance floor to shower you with faux money, slips of paper with their well wishes or flower petals . Free Sample

have a champagne toast followed by an all-guest dance. once you're announced as a married couple, have guests raise a glass to your life together with a first drink. then have the dj bring up an upbeat song and invite all your guests to join you on the dance floor to get the party started. 2. do a bridal . Free Sample