build pergola over existing deck post

they recommend poured footings for the pergola and build the floating deck around it - keeping them separate. this late , unless you have an existing tie-downs you can recommend, i'm going to go to my local store and see what they have and probably shoot for an over-kill in anchoring this thing down. Free Sample

to affix the pergola's posts to the deck, you'll be using post bases, which will hold the weight of your entire structure. at the same time, since your pergola will , when you're figuring out how to build a pergola on an existing deck, safety should be your number one priority. since you won't have the ground to, Free Sample

9 nov 2017 , after you've looked at these free pergola plans be sure to check out my other free wood working plans for decks, gazebos, sheds, picnic tables, greenhouses, potting benches, dog houses, porch swings, chicken , diy network has a free pergola plan if you want to build a pergola over an existing deck. Free Sample

22 apr 2009 , if you are building over an existing stone patio, don't anchor the structure directly to the patio. instead, remove , one thing to watch out for: tying the pergola to a deck can be dangerous. temporarily set the girders with deck screws above the cleats, then install the through-bolts in the girders and posts. Free Sample

anyway, i want to build a pergola (semi roof top structure over my existing deck). but i'm having trouble figuring out the easiest way to do it. i know the best way to do it would be to build the pergola as a separate structure (not built on the deck itself). that wuold require cementing 4 posts just outside the deck, Free Sample

9 apr 2016 , decide exactly where you're building your pergola (ours was on top of our existing deck). and then, you need to determine the size of the pergola you'd like to build. ours is about 14'x14' (this is the distance between the 6├Ś6 posts). the strength and structural integrity of your pergola will depend greatly, Free Sample

i made sure the anchors were placed over the deck's existing supports - either a post or beam located below the deck. when you anchor the posts, take into consideration the strength you'll need to keep the pergola upright and resistant to natures forces. winds, snows and ice can ruin a poorly built structure, Free Sample

this is quickly going to become too complicated to tell you for sure if your deck will be able to support a structure like a pergola, but if it is even half the weight of your typical hot tub then your deck will very likely not support it. to accurately determine this you need to figure out the additional #'s/sq ft of load, Free Sample

a pergola that is attached to your house can be a great addition; it's a good way to create a useful sheltered outdoor area and give you shade from the sun. it will also add to the visual appeal of your house. Free Sample

deck and patio makeover projects included: remove decking: we started by removing the old decking and jacking up any sagging deck joists underneath it. build pergola: pressure treated wood posts were set in the ground, and a pergola shade arbor constructed over it. install decking: new decking made from yellawood, Free Sample

build a vine-covered pergola in your backyard to shade a stone patio or wood deck using wood beams and lattice set on precast, classical-style columns. our existing patio was built over a sand and compacted gravel base, so we removed only the stones necessary to dig the 12-in. diameter holes to secure the posts. Free Sample

cantilever pergola, useful design to build over an existing deck. this is an eight post pergola with the posts positioned closer to the ends so the eyes refer to a sense of distribution of visual weight that offsets for a ,. if you can dig a post hole and handle a drill and a saw, you can build a pergola with these diy tutorials! Free Sample