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concrete. usage index. sustainable. construction. bca sustainable construction series - 6 . in singapore's context, it is a unique way for practitioners to measure and benchmark the amount of concrete used in building works to arrive at an optimal design early . it covers up to 50% of the total. Free Sample

concrete is a common surface maintenance problem that can be prevented, and managed with proper repair . this causes the steel bars embedded in the ceiling slab to corrode, which in turn causes the concrete cover to crack and bulge . the steps below briefly show how spalling concrete is repaired. for more . Free Sample

construction suppliers have had to get creative to meet singapore's relentless demand for new, greener building materials. through research and development efforts and cooperation with the republic's building authority, concrete manufacturers have come up with new ways of using singapore's waste . Free Sample

supertrees in singapore: giant concrete and metal 'plants' create a manmade woodland . a guy and his gorilla: huge beast treated like one of the. hide 'n' peek! the damselfly who thought he was hidden. on a wing and a prayer: adventurer becomes first to fly . how much water do these need? Free Sample

concrete may be one of the strongest building materials in the history of man, it is still susceptible to damage when moisture levels are not optimal. learn how moisture and humidity affects concrete strength. Free Sample

concrete canvas ltd. manufacture a ground breaking material technology called concrete canvas that allows concrete to be used in a completely new way. concrete canvas was originally developed for the award winning concrete canvas shelters, a building in a bag that requires only water and air for construction. Free Sample

mike birdy/. so you've moved all your furniture back into place after a long weekend of painting. the house looks clean and new and you smile at the awesome job well done. but then you take a closer look and you find a crack in the paint, and then another, and even more! having cracks . Free Sample

the researchers determine this by getting google street view images in each city, then extracting green areas using computer vision techniques . atop cars, only areas with roads are covered in the study, said mr so wonyoung, a data visualisation specialist from singapore-mit alliance for research and . Free Sample

concrete structures: 16 17 august 2006, singapore. evaluation of air-permeability of cover concrete. by single chamber method. k. imamoto* ashikaga institute of technology, japan. k. shimozawa, general building research corporation of japan. Free Sample

singapore's population and economy grew, so did its green cover: it was about 36% in the 1980s and it now stands at 47%, according to the center for liveable cities. and while the word "green" can take on a variety of connotations, singapore appears to encompass them all -- lush environments, renewable energy and . Free Sample

methods and technology for producing hsc are not basically different from those required for concrete of normal grade except that the emphasis on quality control is perhaps greater with hsc. hsc can be produced with all of the cements and cement replacements normally available in singapore, including portland . Free Sample

cover and other materials are in accordance to specifications / drawings. take level of pile or barrette before and after load test. standing supervision to ensure boring operation is installed according to the approved method statement (concrete characteristics; concrete placement: quantity, duration, rise. Free Sample

singapore's post-independence government, led by its first prime minister lee kuan yew, expanded the school system to cover the entire population . aiming to move away from simple rote-learning and to focus instead on teaching children how to problem solve, the textbooks the group produced were . Free Sample

sustainable construction is critical to singapore's national development as singapore has little natural resources. nearly, all construction materials have to be imported and it is therefore vital to improve singapore's efficiency on the use of natural resources. since 2007, the building and construction . Free Sample

concrete elements would inevitably result in direct and indirect cost in terms of rectification and construction time, it is worthwhile to ensure that they are produced and handled in a way to reduce such incidences. provision of concrete cover during concrete cover required during production. casting. Free Sample

(credits). with the property industry facing more and more disruption, how's a humble property agent to survive? we all know the routine answer: upskill yourself to remain relevant, offer value added services, blah, blah, blah. that's all easier said than done. if you really want to adapt to the coming changes . Free Sample

how singapore has improved our liveability despite becoming . made singapore, first into a garden city, then a city in a garden, a city of gardens and water, and beyond this, a city in . the city's various networks, such as the roads in the form of road side trees and covering concrete. Free Sample

by using an ez-link card, you pay only for the distance traveled, rather than a flat fare like everyone else (drivers don't give change). tip: don't forget . although singapore has a reputation for concrete, the city is blessed with an excellent park matrix with green spaces that spider through the city. elevated . Free Sample

stability of excavation. 8.4.7. redistribution of moments. 8.4.8. design moments. 8.4.9. internal facing of diaphragm and secant pile walls. 8.4.10. connections between bored tunnels / cut-and-cover tunnels. 8.5. durability. 8.5.1. minimum concrete cover. 8.5.2. shrinkage and thermal cracking. 8.6. Free Sample

singapore doesn't reveal how much money its two sovereign wealth funds administer, but a senior economist at the macquarie group estimated their value at . he sketched a plan on a scrap of paper: two rectangular concrete decks laid out in parallel, holding oil tanks made of prestressed concrete partly . Free Sample